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How do we see ourselves and our relationship with the environment when we
can't see *reflections* of ourselves in the concrete buildings, sidewalks
and roads; in warped windows and dirty water?

check out the cancer wellness series. *define how you see* and experience
your health in your own words, pictures and truth.

in reflection,



*March 10 – **April 28, 2009***

*YMCA South Park St.**, **Halifax***

*Tuesdays **7:30 – 9:30 p.m.**  By Donation*

*Contact: Savayda Jarone Tel: 454-8481 wildoats at ns.sympatico.ca*

*Jeffrey Maldaver Tel: 456-4000  jmaldaver at eastlink.ca*

*www.preventcancernow.ca  www.mayflowerherbs.ca*

* *

*March 10 *– Introduction with *Jeffrey Maldaver and Savayda Jarone *

*Alison Petten – Registered nurse, educator and health consultant*

*Vice president of the **Nova Scotia** Environmental Health Association*

*Reduce your toxic chemical exposure*

* *

*March 17 – Lil MacPherson and John Dalton chef and owner of Big Life Foods*

*Macrobiotic diets for cancer prevention*

*Know where your food comes from and the dangers of agricultural pesticides.

“Our first commitment is to the health and well being of our customers and
staff and is inseparable from our commitments to the community, the
environment and promoting local business. People everywhere are becoming
more and more aware of health risks involved in mainstream North America's
diet. We believe that current dietary trends and methods of food production
and transportation - with all the pesticides, preservatives, processing
GMO's and fossil fuels this involves - are neither healthy nor sustainable.
By using locally grown organic produce we not only ensure the quality of the
food we serve is so far as this is possible, but we provide material support
for the local farmers who share our commitments to human health and the
environment.”  Lil MacPherson, owner Wooden Monkey restaurant**

* *

*March 24 – Timothy R. Walker Ph.D., CCC, NSRPC.*

* *

*Healing in Body, Mind & Spirit* This will be an experiential workshop that
will begin with an exploration of the principals of wholeness and
integrative healing. We will then engage in healing yoga with breath-work,
movement, grounding, meditation, visualization, group work and discussion.**

Timothy* *is founder of the EastWind Stress Reduction Clinic and has 25
years experience integrating mindfulness meditation and spirituality into
counseling, education and healthcare. He has taught at Dalhousie University,
Acadia University, and the Halifax Counselor Training Institute and has
worked closely with Dr Rutledge of the Nova Scotia Cancer Centre to create
and deliver the Skills for Healing Weekend Retreats across Canada as well as
the Skills for Wellness Programs for healthcare providers. In his private
practice, Psychotherapy from the Heart, Tim sees individuals, couples and
families. (www.dharmasunhealing.org)

*March 31 - Savayda Jarone MNIMH  Medical Herbalist*

*Herbal Tonics, Nature Therapy and Regular Cleansing and Detoxification as
Tools for Cancer Prevention*

Savayda has a practice and herbal dispensary in Halifax and is a board
member for Prevent Cancer Now.  She has been helping people heal with help
from the plant world for nine years.  Herbalists use their remedies to
restore the balance of the body thus enabling it to mobilize its own healing
powers.  Savayda teaches a year long course on holistic living, plus
workshops on herbal medicine and natural birth control.  She councils
couples on pregnancy planning and fertility.  She has a special interest in
the role of herbal medicine in cancer care and prevention.

*April 7 –  Wanda Smith - Holistic Nutritionist*

*The Healing Power of Food
*This workshop will explore the healing power of food, pH Balance and its
relationship to health.  Throughout this workshop you will be provided with
"how to" information and demonstrations relating to food as your
medicine.  Handouts,
recipes and samples will be provided. **

*April 14 –  Dr. Elisabeth Gold and Heidi Ship*

*Nutrients and Detoxification and Introduction to Chi Gong*

* *

Elisabeth has been practicing family medicine since 1980, first in Toronto
(where she studied  medicine graduating way back in 1977) and then in
Halifax since 1989.
She is currently based in the Halifax Health Centre on Jubilee Rd (former
site of Buckley's pharmacy for 85 years)

She is an assistant professor at  Dalhousie Medical School in the Department
of Family Medicine and in the Division of Medical Education, offering
electives in complementary and alternative medicine.

She is a fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, a member and
president of the Canadian Complementary Medical Association, and has a
masters in medical education.

Heidi is a Complementary Health Practitioner who has been in fulltime
private practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 1980.  Training as a Touch
for Health instructor in 1979, and the PHP series in the 1980's, introduced
her to Applied Kinesiology techniques. She has been using these techniques
ever since, to help people identify  the structural issues, individual
allergies, nutritional deficits, emotional stressors, and energetic
imbalances , inhibiting their return to health.  She has also trained in
Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Nutritional Counseling,  Herbal Medicine,
Health-based Psychotherapy,  CFQ  Chi Gong, and more recently,
Homotoxicology and European Biological Medicine.
  Over the years, Heidi  has worked with many people with both physical and
mental health issues, from newborns to geriatrics.  Working concurrently
with other health professionals, she has helped  persons with  pain and
inflammation, dissociative  disorders,  PTSD, Multiple Chemical
Sensitivities, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and  Autism;  and with
digestive, neurological, and circulatory disorders, as well as cancer

* *

*April 21 –  Alison Bleeker -  YMCA Fitness*

*Physical Health and Cancer Prevention*

 Alison has been involved with the YMCA since 1995. She started out as a
volunteer and her passion kept growing from there. She is a certified YMCA
Trainer and Fitness Instructor. She enjoys teaching group cycling classes
and can be found every Monday and Thursday night from 7:00-7:30pm teaching
AB Lab in our Conditioning enter.
It doesn't end there. Alison works with our Youth Strength Training
participants and is a Pre/Post Natal Fitness Specialist. She works with
members every single week to help them achieve their personal fitness goals
and dreams. Her love of fitness and our YMCA shines through in everything
she does, no matter what it is or where in the facility it needs to be done.

* *

*April 28 – Helen Mersereau - MHSc, B.Sc., CIH, ROH, CRSP, Occupational

*Radon and Other Environmental Risks*

* *

Helen has nineteen years of industrial experience in manufacturing, tar
sands mining and oil refining, electrical power production, and
environmental remediation. She developed and implemented occupational health
and safety programs for Syncrude Canada, General Electric, QEII Health
Sciences Centre and Nova Scotia occupational
professional designations as a certified industrial hygienist and registered
safety professional. She has also served as president of the American
Industrial Hygiene Association, Atlantic Provinces Section. She has
conducted research in the area of risk perceptions, reproductive health and
is currently performing a radon study of Nova Scotia workplaces.
She is an instructor of Public Health / Safety Officer Health Studies at the
University of Cape Breton


*Prevent Cancer Now presentation*

*Cancer Prevention Challenge*

*Series Conclusion*

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