[Sust-mar] Creating Balance in an Unblanced World: an eARTh-based expressive workshop

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Mon May 11 12:38:05 EDT 2009

~Calling all Activists, Helpers, Healers, Caregivers, Educators and Parents~ Have you been caring and doing too much for too long? Are you working too hard, but can't remember why? Are you missing your zest for life? Do you feel more short-tempered, more easily frustrated, more distracted, more resentful then usual? Can you use your vision cleared, your energy rejuvenated? Join us on a journey to create balance in an unbalanced world. 4 dates: June 13: Air: Take a Breath of Fresh Air; June 20: Fire: Rekindle Your Passion For Life; July 18: Water: Flow with the Currents of Change; August 15: Earth: Reach Out to All Our Relations. Receive a certificate for your self development portfolio. Register for 1, 2, 3, or all 4 sessions. Individual sessions are $100. each or all 4 for $350. Facilitators are Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline Adult Educator, Activist, Helper and Art Therapist and Michele Graveline, Lifelong Learning Educator, Activist, Herbalist, Eco-practitioner. Call to register 
902-827-3619 or email circleworks at circleworksconsulting.com. You may also register online at www.circleworksconsulting.com "Seminars" http://circleworksconsulting.com/seminars.php

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