[Sust-mar] Take the Bus for Free on Clean Air Day with Kings Transit!

Gina Patterson patterson at clean.ns.ca
Fri May 15 13:41:33 EDT 2009

Ride the Bus...It's FREE on June 3rd - Clean Air Day! 

For everyone: 

Clean Nova Scotia is raising awareness about air pollution and health. 

Kings Transit has agreed to offer free bus rides all day on Wednesday,
June 3rd.  


For teachers in Kings County: 

Take this as an opportunity to plan a lesson around clean air and the
environment and take advantage of the free transit to demonstrate
alternative transportation to their students in a short field trip.
Contact us for more information.

Two suggestions are:  Take the bus to eat lunch outside at a park near

                                            Take the bus to a nearby
town, a museum or tourist destination.


For schedules and routes, visit: http://www.kingstransit.ns.ca/ 

We also have fun and colourful posters if you would like to help promote
the day.    


Contact: Gina Patterson, patterson at clean.ns.ca, 902.420.8802,
Transportation Programs Coordinator, Clean Nova Scotia 



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