[Sust-mar] Friday Forum: Futures Game

Phil Ferraro adapt at pei.aibn.com
Fri Nov 20 11:20:57 EST 2009

*Friday Forum*

Join us in */‘The Futures Game,’ /*a public workshop designed to engage 
people, organizations and communities in the task of balancing our 
economic, environmental and community well-being.


Friday, November 27, 2009; 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue, Charlottetown


‘The Futures Game’ is enjoyable way for you to engage in robust 
discussions about the future. Your participation will lead to a 
stimulating and meaningful discussion about future scenarios, and 
explore critical decisions that will affect the future of Island 
agriculture and the PEI economy.

There is no fee to participate and lunch is provided. However, please 
register so we know how many to expect.

Our facilitator, David Beurle, Innovative Leadership Australia, has 
developed and refined this scenario planning process so that it provides 
a cutting edge approach to exploring regional, community, and 
organizational futures. "This planning process," according to Mr. 
Beurle, "Has proven to be a rigorous and insightful approach which 
enhances strategic planning efforts."

Used with great success with both public and private sector 
decision-makers in many locations around the world, ‘The Futures Games" 
approach adds extra depth and strength to strategic planning efforts 
while also helping to hone regional leadership and decision-making skills.

*David Beurle*

*Founder and Managing Director*

*Innovative Leadership Australia (ILA)*

* *

David holds a firm conviction that the future of rural and regional 
areas, lies in the hands of the local people. He created Innovative 
Leadership Australia, with the mission of bringing the tools and skills 
to the people who care the most - the people who choose to make rural 
towns, centres and regions their home.

He has a passion for rural life; having been raised on a farm and having 
worked all his life in, and with, rural communities.

His career has covered a wide range of experiences – from working for 
many years in the remotest parts of northern Australia, where cattle 
ranches are often over 1 million acres; to working at the highest levels 
of Government, with 8 years as the ‘right-hand man’ to a senior 
Australian Cabinet Minster; the Western Australian Minister for 
Agriculture and Fisheries. This also included a short diversion as the 
producer of a pilot TV series that explored and showcased innovation in 
rural areas.

David’s experience covers a similar breadth; from working on the ground 
with farmers and Aboriginal communities; to building international trade 
relations and strategic alliances between Australian farmers and their 
markets in Egypt, China, India and Europe. David has now provided 
leadership training to thousands of people and has worked extensively 
with hundreds of communities and regions across the USA and Australia as 
they reinvent and revitalise themselves.

These days, David splits his time between Australia and the US, as he 
pursues his passion for community revitalization and creating vibrant 
and prosperous regions. Until recently he served on the Board of 
Directors of the Western Australian Community Foundation. His work in 
community and economic development has earned him – and his work – 
international, national and State awards.

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