[Sust-mar] SOUTH SHORE 350 - Oct 24 - Bridgewater @ 3PM

Leon de Vreede leon at ruralsustainability.org
Thu Oct 15 21:44:54 EDT 2009

What do drums, banners, life jackets, snorkel gear, musicians, kids and
turtles have in common?

Answer: They will be all be part of a colourful, important South Shore event
on SATURDAY 24 OCTOBER 2009 (3 - 4 p.m.) to mark the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF

The local event, centred around the OLD BRIDGE in Bridgewater, will
graphically show the impact of rising sea levels caused by climate change.
Similar events are being organized around the globe to push for strong
governmental leadership in taking action on climate change.
Some Background: 350 refers to parts per million (ppm) of CO2 in the
atmosphere.  This is the level that scientists have identified as the safe
upper limit of CO2.  We are already above this safe zone at about 390 ppm.
Unless we are able to return to below 350 this century there will be
irreversible global impacts.  Some greenhouse gases are necessary. These
gases trap heat in our atmosphere and without them the planet would be too
cold.  But too much is disastrous. 350 is a new target informed by the most
recent science. 

This December in Copenhagen Denmark world leaders will meet to carve out a
new global climate change agreement. The treaty that is currently on the
table doesn't meet this new 350 target. October 24 is an opportunity to have
our collective voices heard. It's our chance to influence international
climate politics as governments finalize their positions leading up to this
world global summit. Find out more at http://www.350.org 

Plans are coming together to make this a real spirited event. Here's how you
can be a part of it:

- Join us on the bridge on October 24 (and bring your friends, your family,
and anything else to make for a colourful event - banners, posters,
noisemakers, drums, costumes)
- Spread the word / get people out
- Get your business / organization to endorse the event (ask us for an
endorsement form - it's free)

To find out more, call 541-4386

or contact any one of us:
Leon de Vreede  leon at ruralsustainability.org  (902) 530-5945 (home)
Marion Moore  marionm12 at gmail.com (902) 527-2928 (home)
Phyllis Price   phyllisprice at eastlink.ca (902) 677-2794 (home)
David Walmark davidmary3 at eastlink.ca
Tim Reeves Horton  thorton at southshorenow.ca
Phyllis McBride pmcbride00 at hotmail.com
Paula Saile psaile at ssdha.nshealth.ca
Carolyn Ekins cekins at southshorenow.ca

Or visit 

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