[Sust-mar] Upcoming peace & conflict events AND Premier Dexter's speech to the arms dealers

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A list of upcoming peace & conflict events - please circulate widely. *At
the bottom of this events list, please read Premier Dexter's speech to the
arms dealers at DefSec (our war show) last month. I am urging you to
understand that militarism is preventing us from tackling our
environmental/climate crisis and from eliminating poverty - too much of our
resources are going to the arms dealers and "to fight with the Canadian
forces". If you are concerned about militarism, please read below and please
also read Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1967 speech "Beyond Vietnam" and
please help me stop the growth of the US weapons manufacturers in our
province and instead create a green, peace economy in Nova Scotia.

Scott Taylor, Esprit de Corps Journalist and Author Free public talk & film
FILM: Locked Up Abroad: Iraq
TALK: Unembedded War Reporting in  Iraq & Afghanistan
Thursday, October 22
7:30 - 9:00 PM
Alumni Hall, New Academic Building
University of King's College, Halifax
(Campus Entrance off Coburg Rd.)
Co-hosted by the School of Journalism, University of King's College
Organized by the Halifax Peace Coalition (HPC). 
For more information, visit: www.hfxpeace.chebucto.org / Email:
halifaxpeacecoalition at gmail.com

War Dance Documentary Screening & Guluwalk Halifax 2009
Screening of the documentary War Dance
Friday October 23 at 7pm
Room #406, Dalhousie Arts Centre
Donations greatly appreciated
PLUS: Guluwalk Halifax 2009takes place Oct 24th, starting at 10am in
Victoria Park. Visit the link below to get involved.

Saturday, October 24 International Day of Action on Climate Change - meet at
the Halifax Commons corner of Bell & Sackville at 2pm. Find out more
www.350.org and email us at: 350halifax at gmail.com

Another View of Afghanistan: A Study in Ethical Contrasts
Hon. Flora MacDonald
Tuesday, October 27  
Scotiabank Theatre Auditorium 
Sobey School of Business
Saint Mary's University
Organized by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs:
Free Admission - Reception to Follow

Film Screening: Arabs & Terrorism
Wed., October 28th
Potter Auditorium, Dalhousie University
Bassam Haddad is Director of the Middle East Studies Program at George Mason
The Centre for Foreign Policy Studies Seminar Series
More info: www.cfps.dal.ca

Seminar: "Terrorism in the Age of Obama"
Thur., October 29th
Lord Dalhousie Room, Dalhousie University
Bassam Haddad is Director of the Middle East Studies Program at George Mason
The Centre for Foreign Policy Studies Seminar Series
More info: www.cfps.dal.ca 

Mark your calendars for Nov. 21 in the evening to hear courageous Afghan MP
Malalai Joya and author of the new book "Woman Among the Warlords" 

Mark your calendars for Dec. 2 & 3 to hear Former Senator Douglas Roche talk
on "Obama and the Chance for Nuclear Abolition" and find out more about his
new book "Creative Dissent: A Politician Struggle for Peace."

note: The federal government gave Lockheed Martin, the world's largest
weapons manufacturer and producer of nuclear weapons, cluster bombs and
hellfire & PAC missles, $2 billion dollars (our tax dollars) to upgrade the
combat systems on the frigates in NS and then the provincial NS government
gave Lockheed $1.8 million dollars for a payroll rebate on those jobs. We
could have hired nurses, child care staff, teachers and energy auditors
instead. Please tell the federal and provincial governments that you do not
want your tax dollars to go to weapons manufacturers like Lockheed Martin.] 


Speaking Remarks Honourable Darrell Dexter DEFSEC Atlantic 
September 9, 2009 7:00 p.m. Cunard Centre, Halifax, NS Check against
delivery (Audience 200 plus)

Good evening [Business New Brunswick] Minister Boudreau, dignitaries,
colleagues, ladies and gentlemen. A special welcome to the many partners who
have traveled to Nova Scotia for this important trade exhibition, especially
to our partners from Atlantic Canada. We are pleased to be your host for
DEFSEC Atlantic, the largest exhibition of its kind in Eastern Canada.

I understand that this is one of the most unique events of its kind in the
country. I am honoured to both represent the government of the Province of
Nova Scotia and to speak on behalf of this region and industry. With
companies represented here from Canada and around the world, it is an
excellent forum for collaboration among industry and government

We believe that partnership and collaboration is key in growing this sector
not only for Nova Scotia, but also for our Atlantic neighbors. Over the last
seven years, Nova Scotia's aerospace and defence industry has grown by an
astounding 183 per cent. In 2008, aerospace and aerospace parts
manufacturing accounted for more GDP then fishing, forestry, agriculture and
tourism combined, in our province.

Here in Nova Scotia, the industry generates in excess of $600 million in
revenues each year. When combined with defence spending, the industry
contributes $1.5 billion to the provincial economy each year. The aerospace
and defense industry in Nova Scotia is helping to build a more prosperous
economy in this province. With 80 per cent of annual aerospace sales
destined for export, the industry is poised to capitalize on future growth

This government is committed to supporting the aerospace and defense
industry in Nova Scotia because we recognize the opportunities that these
industries play in supporting our economy. For instance, in July, I was in
attendance when Lockheed Martin Canada opened its new home in Nova Scotia.
The company plans to create up to 100 great career opportunities for our
young and talented workforce as well as our seasoned professionals.

These jobs offer excellent wages and working conditions that will help to
keep our skilled and experienced workers employed at home. Nova Scotia is
fortunate to have the Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of Nova
Scotia to support the advancement of the sector and the Human Resources
Partnership to work with employers to meet skills and labour needs.

As a province, we have the highest concentration of Canadian Forces
personnel in Canada. I know from my experience in the Navy how important the
armed forces are to the history of this province and our economy. (insert
story from your time in the Navy if you like). Investment in Nova Scotia by
companies like Lockheed Martin, L-3 Communications, General Dynamics, Pratt
& Whitney and others in Atlantic Canada, helps business in the industry

Given the strength of this industry and strong partnerships, I am confident
that we will continue to see growth and economic spin offs from this
promising industry- which translates into more opportunity for all of us.
Thank you for the opportunity to speak and I wish you much success during
this exhibition. I hope you find it both productive and successful. Thank
you -END-


Tamara Lorincz
Executive Director, Nova Scotia Environmental Network (NSEN)
Sessional Instructor, Dalhousie University 2009
55 Willowbend Court
Halifax, NS CANADA B3M 3L3
Phone: (902) 443-2423
Cell: (902) 478-1379
tlorincz at dal.ca
ECJ: http://www.ecojustice.ca
GN: http://www.space4peace.org/
HPC: http://hfxpeace.chebucto.org/
NSEN: http://www.nsen.ca
"A better world is possible"

"Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary
spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility
to poverty, racism, and militarism." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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