[Sust-mar] Mining Exposed 2009: "Our Nuclear World" (Conference taking place at Pier 21 in Halifax from October 5 - 7)

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 Could you kindly pass this information on through your contact network?
We'd really like to have community groups, NGOs, and interested members of
the public take part in this conference.

 Thank you very much,


*Mining Exposed 2009:**
**Our Nuclear World*

*frankness.  clarity.  insight.*

We are pleased to announce *Mining Exposed 2009: “Our Nuclear World”, *taking
place on October 6th and 7th at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  A free
pre-conference event will take place on the evening of October 5th at Pier
21 as Patrick Moore (founder of Greenpeace) joins us to provide his take on
nuclear energy’s role in the future's mix of energy options.

The conference intent is to discuss a variety of issues associated with the
use of nuclear materials in society – from exploration and mining through
usage and disposal. We expect the audience will be made up of a
cross-section of individuals from NGOs, all levels of government, academia,
energy industry representatives, health care, the mining industry,
environmental professionals, students, and interested members of the public
-- thereby encompassing a range of diverse opinions, attitudes, and
perceptions about nuclear energy.  Additional information can be found in
the attached documents, as well as online at

The conference is being hosted by the Environmental Services Association of
Nova Scotia (www.esans.ca) and the Mining Association of Nova Scotia (

This will be an extraordinary event. Please pass on the word to those that
you think may be interested in attending.

Sairah M. Tyler, MSc.

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