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Barbara Harris bharris at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 15 15:37:44 EST 2010

Action Alert -- Cosmetic Pesticide Ban in NS

We’re on the verge of success in getting a strong pesticide ban in
Nova Scotia. The government has released a position paper on cosmetic
pesticides which is basically very good. It would ban the sale and use
of non-essential pesticides on private, public and commercial
properties throughout the province.

The government has asked for
feedback on their position. We are writing to ask you to take one  
simple action.

Tell the
government "I agree that NS should ban the sale and use of cosmetic
pesticides. Cosmetic pesticides pose an unnecessary risk to our health  
and our environment."

You can send this message

Via email to Policy at gov.ns.ca

By phone by calling 1-888-320-0555

On-line by answering the questions on the pesticide consultation  
form at https://www.gov.ns.ca/nse/pests/comments.asp

We know that the landscape and pesticide industry will do everything
they can to stop a pesticide ban.  That's why we need every person who  
wants to see a pesticide ban to
take action now! We need people from all parts of the province to make
their voices heard right now to make sure the government does not back

Please, take a minute right now, to send your comments in support of a
ban on sale and use of cosmetic pesticides.

Email Policy at gov.ns.ca

Respond on line at https://www.gov.ns.ca/nse/pests/comments.asp

or Phone: 1-888-320-0555  or Fax: (902) 424-0644

The government's position paper is available on line at http://www.gov.ns.ca/nse/pests/discussing.pesticides.asp

  Deadline for comments is March 7, 2010.

Our thanks for your help,

Pesticide Free Nova Scotia

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