[Sust-mar] Introduction to Permaculture weekend workshop!

Jen Stotland velveteyeball at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 10:14:44 EDT 2011

Join Adrian Buckley of Big Sky Permaculture for an
introductory weekend workshop on Permaculture!

Do you really want to start a garden but feel like you don't have time? Do
you feel like you are
losing the battle against weeds? Are you itching to do something more to
help create community?
Overwhelmed by some of the most challenging environmental problems in the

Join Big Sky Permaculture for an Introduction to Permaculture course on June
18 and 19 and learn over 2 days about
positive and solutions-based design principles that directly apply to these
questions and much more!
You will come out of this workshop with the knowledge to finding positive
and practical solutions to
creating energy and time-efficient gardens, designing wisely with water,
building soil out of nothing,
designing opportunities for meaningful community projects, creating a
holistic design plan for your
property and much more!

For more info, e-mail Adrian at info at bigskypermaculture.ca, or visit

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