[Sust-mar] Windhorse Forestry at Windhorse Farm

Steve Murray steve at windhorsefarm.org
Fri Jun 3 10:58:02 EDT 2011

Upcoming program at Windhorse Farm:

Windhorse Forestry July 15-17

Instruction by Jim Drescher and Will Martin

With all the talk these days about forestry practices and shifting to selection management in the Maritimes, here is a chance to explore one of Canada’s oldest examples of sustainable forestry. 
This program will be an opportunity to explore the forest at Windhorse Farm and to learn the practices and methods that make forestry at Windhorse the successful model it is today.

For a full course description please visit the Windhorse Forestry webpage: http://www.windhorsefarm.org/pages/programs-events/windhorse-forestry.php

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