[Sust-mar] Fracking - We need a REAL review

Barbara Harris bharris at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue May 10 16:34:03 EDT 2011

Let the Government know you want a REAL review of Fracking.

The Government of Nova Scotia has asked for comments on the scope of  
their “Review of Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Gas.”

Stop Fracking In Nova Scotia believes the government’s proposed review  
does not ask the right questions and takes too narrow a view. We  
believe that fracking needs a full evaluation in order to protect our  
environment, our health, our economy, and our rural quality of life.

Send your comments about the fracking review to the government – they  
say they want to hear from the public. Let them know their proposed  
review is not good enough.

Here are 6 key points you may want to include in your response.

1. Nova Scotia’s "Review of Hydraulic Fracturing in Shale Gas  
Operations in Nova Scotia” as presently defined skips over the  
essential question, “Should fracking be allowed in Nova Scotia at all,  
or is the potential for harm too great to allow it?” The scope of the  
review should start from this essential question.

2.    Any evaluation of fracking should be based on the precautionary  
principle as contained in the Environment Act, Section 2 (b) ii, (http://nslegislature.ca/legc/statutes/envromnt.htm, 
) and should consider all principles outlined in Section 2, including  
sustainability, because evidence indicates that fracking has the  
potential to cause serious and irreversible damage.

3.   The review should include all direct and indirect impacts, all  
risks, and all potential consequences for Nova Scotia, both immediate  
and long term.

4.    Potential impacts and risks include environmental impacts  
(water, soil, air, forests, wildlife), health impacts (cancers,  
endocrine disruption, respiratory damage) economic impacts (farming,  
tourism, property values) and impacts on rural communities and rural  
quality of life. (A fuller list of issues is available athttp://www.stopfrackinginnovascotia.ca/ 
, click on Take Action)

5.    The scope of the review should allow for all possible outcomes,  
including a ban on fracking because it poses a threat of serious and  
irreversible damage. The result of the review should not be limited,  
as it currently is, to “make[ing] recommendations to the Ministers to  
ensure industry and regulatory best practice is being employed in the  
province.” www.gov.ns.ca/nse/pollutionprevention/docs/Scope.Hydraulic.Fracturing.Review.pdf

6. Any evaluation of fracking should be independent of government and  
allow for full public participation and access to information.

Add your own ideas about what a REAL review of fracking should consider.

Comments should be submitted by email to frac-review at gov.ns.ca, or by  
mail to  “Hydraulic Fracturing Study, Environmental Science    and  
Program Management Division, Nova Scotia Environment, PO Box 442  
Halifax NS, B3J 2P8.

Deadline for comments is June 6.

For more info on fracking or to contact us - http://www.stopfrackinginnovascotia.ca/ 
    There will be more information about issues that are not included  
in the proposed review and should be on our website. You could send a  
copy of your response to your MLA, and to your local newspaper. Post  
it on Facebook, get the word out and around. Many people still don't  
know much about fracking, or assume the government will look after  
us... Let's keep the pressure on...

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