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It's shocking that we haven't managed to get a newsletter out for the 
last six weeks – so there's a lot to report. The truth is that we've 
been so busy with production and other matters that it's been hard to 
find time to talk about what we're doing. But here's a quick list of 
items we've posted to the blog since our last Newsletter.

*The Ronald Wright interview *was posted in late September. Wright is an 
extraordinary writer and thinker, author of such challenging books as 
Stolen Continents and A Short History of Progress. Trained in 
archaeology, Wright dissects the past, seeking clues to the future. 
Other cultures have acted as we are acting, and it hasn't turned out 
well. Click here to view the interview 

*The Andrew Heintzman interview* was posted in late October. Writer, 
publisher, activist and financier, Andrew Heintzman is president of 
Investeco, the first investment firm in Canada focussed on the green 
economy, and he's also the author of The New Entrepreneurs: Building a 
Green Economy for the Future, a book full of fascinating innovations and 
imaginative people. Click here to view the interview 

*The Death of David Orton:* I noted the publication this week in The 
Globe and Mail of a fine "Lives Lived" memorial piece about deep 
ecologist David Orton. See it here by clicking here 
David Orton was a bold thinker and a deeply principled man who made a 
remarkable effort to live in accordance with his beliefs. I had the 
privilege of interviewing him not long before he died, and we'll be 
posting the interview here at TheGreenInterview.com during the next few 

*Occupy Nanaimo (and Everywhere Else): *We posted a message from Rafe 
former BC cabinet minister and radio talk show host, reprinting a 
statement from Occupy Nanaimo, which said in part, “A lot of people do 
not understand why we are here. Why we occupy. Why we protest. We are 
here to try and make the voice of the people heard. If you are in debt, 
you have reason to be here. If raising a family is becoming too 
difficult with the low number of jobs available and low wages, you have 
reason to be here... If you have a grievance with the current world-wide 
system, you have reason to be here.” It's a powerful statement of the 
reasons for the Occupy movement, which is a full-spectrum global 
response to a full-spectrum global crisis.

*Troubles, Trips & Triumphs:* I posted a note explaining I had been 
through a daft little period 
with persistent and maddening computer troubles, new opportunities and 
far too much travel. Last month I was on the road for three solid weeks, 
attending meetings in Toronto, delivering presentations in Winnipeg, and 
doing seven new Green Interviews in Toronto, Vancouver and Seattle. But 
good things are coming out of this – and I'll have more to say about it 
in the near future.

*Bunker Roy:* We also noted that Bunker has just done a splendid TED 
talk <http://www.thegreeninterview.com/blog/bunker-roys-ted-talk>, 
echoing the themes of our interview with him and adding some additional 
ideas and experiences.

*Bill Rees:* We thought everyone would enjoy the invitation to Bill 
Rees' retirement party 
particularly the graphic showing two big green footprints on the globe. 
So we posted a link to the invitation.

A busy time. But we won't be so slow getting out the next Newsletter!


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