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>January Young Naturalists Club events
>Please find information on the upcoming January events forYoung Naturalists Clubs around the Province.  These events areFREE for all youth and their families!  For more information on the YNC of Nova Scotia visit our website athttp://nature1st.net/ync or contact Robin at yncns at yahoo.ca
>Annapolis Valley YNC:
>Saturday 21st, 6:30pm–8:00pm. Join Larry Bogan from the Minas Astronomy Group as he gives a presentation about Enjoying the Night Sky and Amateur Astronomy. Larry will talk about what there is to see in this part     of the sky 
and  how to find them on your own using eyes and     binoculars.  If the weather is clear we will go outside and look for the major 
constellations and bright stars.  Telescope(s)     will be set up to get magnified and brighter views of some of the     deep sky objects and 
planets (Jupiter and Venus will be available). If it is cloudy we will 
look at printed star charts of the winter sky.(KC Irving Centre).For more information contact Alisa at nguyenalisa1 at gmail.com
>Halifax YNC:
>Saturday 21st, 10:30-11:30. A presentation about Tuna & Swordfish – Awesome Fish Hunters!Presented by Dalhousie Marine Biology Professor Dr Boris Worm at the Museum of Natural History
>Sunday 29th at 3:00 pm. FIELD TRIP: Guided tour of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography to learn 
about deep sea corals, as well as the Sea Pavilion touch and 
demonstration tanks. Touch starfish, crabs, sea cucumbers, lobsters and 
more! Andrew Cogswell, a 
Biotechnologist in Ecosystem Research, will teach us about what he calls “all the cool stuff” – deep-sea corals and sponges. We’ll get hands on 
with some samples and then tour BIO’s labs and the wet lab. We many even meet a parataxonomist who can answer your questions about the organisms. This field trip will complement our 
December presentation about whales and dolphins and our January 
presentation about tuna and swordfish! For more information contact Laura at lambieljstaff at ednet.ns.ca
>Pictou YNC
>Saturday 14th, 9:00-12:00 - Tracking animals in the woods. Our presenter will be Noel Nicholas from the Pictou Landing First Nations Reserve. Noel will provide us with details of his childhood/adult experiences on the reserve eg:  Tracking, hunting, and trapping  with his father as a young boy and 
adult. We will also provide a brief  slide show and hand outs of some 
local animal tracks, animal scat,  trees, and plants native to the area. We will then follow our presenter to the  Pictou Landing First Nations 
Reserve and meet at the local convenience  store/gas bar. We will then 
gather and walk a short distance to a path  that will take us into the 
woods. The children will look for animal  tracks, animal scat, and trees that were discussed at the presentation.  Our destination will be a 
beautiful beaver dam at the water’s edge of  Boat Harbour. For more information contact Tabitha at tabbycats at ns.sympatico.ca or Bonnie at bugsy.27 at hotmail.com
>South Shore YNC:
>Saturday 14th, 10:30-12:00. TheProject WET team is bringing their fun activities to the YNC to get us thinking about  
water – its importance and how we need to work together to protect it.  
Activities are based on the Project WET Curriculum Guide, an  
international program which provides educators with hands-on,  
interactive, activities for learning about water in a variety of  
settings. They also have groundwater and watershed models, which show 
how  water moves above and below the surface of the Earth. (Fisheries 
Museum of Atlantic). 
>Sunday 22nd at 1:00 pm.FIELD TRIP:We will be snowshoeing at the MARC in Bridgewater!  We will snowshoe through the trails and 
looking for animal tracks and signs of wildlife in the winter 
landscape.  All are welcome but if you need snowshoes you must 
pre-register for this event as we have limited numbers of snowshoes 
available. If you have your own bring them along!!!  Contact Pampamjwm at gmail.comfore more information
>Wittenburg YNC:
>Saturday 28th January 2012 @ 1pm. Try your foot at snowshoeing and make tracks with us as we explore the different animal tracks we may see around our own backdoor. For more information contact Wendy at 639-2808 
>Robin Musselman
>Provincial Coordinator 
>Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia 
>YNC motto "Young Naturalists Observe and Conserve"

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