[Sust-mar] For Immediate Release - McNabs Island Beach Clean Up

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Mon Jun 4 09:36:18 EDT 2012

Media Release for Friends of McNabs Island Society
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For Immediate Release

McNabs Island Beach Cleanup

   (June 4, 2012) Yesterday, 200 volunteers gathered on McNabs and Lawlor
   Islands Provincial Park to clean up the beaches collecting 450 bags of
   garbage and recyclables from the island shoreline.

   Among the more unusual items found on the beaches were: a platform
   shoe, a plastic white swan ornament, a plastic smoking station, a
   porta-pottie, an old television set, an assortment of plastic action
   figures, a dress mannequin, military marine flares, an industrial
   vacuum cleaner, a stuffed frog, a sleeping bag and one of the Cunard
   Centre’s signs.

   However, the more common items found on the beaches were plastics and
   Styrofoam of all shapes, old tires, Tim Horton’s coffee cups and
   plastic tampon applicators.

   “It is discouraging to see so many plastic tampon applicators on the
   beaches again this year. The HRM sewage treatment plants are supposed
   to filter out this garbage, but clearly they don’t work like they
   should. If every woman in HRM realized that flushing tampon applicators
   down the toilet would result in polluting a beautiful beach like the
   ones on McNabs Island, they would put the applicators in the garbage
   where they belong,” says Cathy McCarthy, one of the organizers of
   today’s event.

   This is the 21st year that the Friends of McNabs Island Society has
   organized a cleanup of McNabs Island.  Since 1991, volunteers have
   collected 10,580 bags of garbage and recyclables from the beaches of
   this Provincial Park and national historic site. The McNabs and Lawlor
   Islands Provincial Park cleanup is the longest running and largest
   cleanup in the Maritimes.

   Thanks to all the volunteers who kick started Environment Week by
   cleaning up the beaches. Thanks to Clean Nova Scotia for providing
   garbage bags; Schooner Industrial for providing gloves; Murphy’s Cable
   Wharf in Halifax and A & M Sea Charters in Eastern Passage for
   transporting volunteers; Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
   staff for helping transport the garbage to a central location and
   Taylor Made Tours for transporting the garbage by fishing boat to
   Eastern Passage where it was loaded into HRM garbage trucks for final
   disposal and recycling.

   Small nested photos above:
     * "Taylor Made Tours" provided garbage transportation: Photographed
       by Tim Lekhy
     * Friends of McNabs Island Society Board Members: Royce Walker,
       President Cathy McCarthy, and Faye Power - Photograph submitted by
       Faye Power

   Large photos for media downloading:
     * [2]President Cathy McCarthy viewing garbage found by volunteers -
       Photo: Tim Lekhy
     * [3]Friends of McNabs Island Society President, Cathy McCarthy, and
       Board Member, Faye Power - Photo: Tim Lekhy
     * [4]Garbage transportation provided by [5]"Taylor Made Tours" -
       Photo: Tim Lekhy
     * [6]Friends of McNabs Island Society President, Cathy McCarthy
       addresses the volunteers - Photo: Tim Lekhy
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