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Steve Law stevelaw at eastlink.ca
Thu Mar 1 11:25:52 EST 2012

We are seeking a fun, responsible, spontaneous, energetic person to join the
coordination team for the Social Justice Youth Camp at the Tatamagouche
Centre, August 20-24th. Our successful team 

member will join an organized, detail-oriented and ridiculous duo to
co-coordinate a life-changing, eye-opening and heart-filling youth camp,
supporting a team of outstanding young facilitators. 

Deadline is March 16th at 4:00 pm


Title:                      Camp Coordinator


Role:                      Ensure the overall facilitation of the camp,
specifically supporting Camp Facilitators in their dynamics with


Supervisors:       Social Transformation Program Coordinator (supported by
the Social Justice Youth Camp Advisory committee)



Primary Responsibilities



.         Lead the recruitment, screening and hiring of the Facilitation

.         Participate in the recruitment of camp participants.

.         Participate in regular teleconferences of the SJYC Advisory

.         Provide information to Social Transformation Program Coordinator
for reports and proposals as available and necessary

.         To act as a liaison between the facilitationteam, the Tatamagouche
center and the SJYC advisory committee



.         Design and Facilitate SJYCamp training prior to camp.

.         Provide leadership in the planning of the structure of the camp.

.         Support Facilitators in the implementation of group learning

.         Participate directly in the implementation of group learning
experiences, as necessary.

.         Provide reflection and evaluation processes for camp facilitators

.         Participate in the evaluation of group activities.

.         Contribute to the group debriefing session following the camp.

Group Dynamics:

.         Ensure there is a conducive, safe, creative and fun environment
for participants and facilitators. 

.         Foster, facilitate and maintain an environment of emotional safety
that encourages group living and exploration.

.         Support Facilitators in their roles as leaders.

.         Provide guidance and support to facilitation team.

.         Apply community standards when and where necessary.

.         Monitor the global functioning of the camp, and facilitate
interventions as appropriate, to ensure that the camp responds to
participants' needs and strengths.

.         Take the lead in and manage any emergencyor crisis situations that
may occur during the camp.




*	Familiarity and experience with the Tatamagouche Model of Education,
Design and Leadership.
*	Demonstrated ability with group facilitation.
*	Experience with program coordination and delivery.
*	Experience working with, and leading, youth and young adults.
*	Professional, or volunteer, background in Social Justice, Social
Transformation and Environmental issues.
*	Dedicated to challenging oppressions of all forms with some
understanding of the ways power and privilege play out in the lives of
individuals and the world around us
*	Must be available for the following specific dates

*	Training: May 31st to June 3rd;
*	Pre-camp planning: one weekend mid July (to be determined); and
*	Camp: August 19th (set up & prep) - 24th




Send a letter stating your interest in the position along with a resume of
your related qualifications to Rena and Andrew at tata.sjyc at gmail.com by 4pm
on March 16th. 



Stephen Law

Social Transformation Program Coordinator

Tatamagouche Centre

stevelaw at eastlink.ca

(902) 632-2497



Please note: If you need to reach me, I generally work on Mondays and



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