[Sust-mar] fundraising request: passing the sust-mar hat

Peter Watson pwatson at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 10 11:25:40 EDT 2012

Hello Sust-martians,

Paul and Peter hope that you enjoy being a part of "sust-mar" ... the
Sustainable Maritimes email list. From feedback, we believe sust-mar is
a very useful communications tool.

Sust-mar is free to you. But, it's not free to operate. Due to increased
membership in the past year (a good thing!), our annual operating cost has
increased to $276.85.

Due to generous past donations, it has been two years since we have had
to pass the hat. However, our reserves have dwindled to $43.20. That
leaves $233.65 owing, by the end of September, to Web Networks.

Will you or your organisation contribute to help cover our operating costs?
One donation of $233.65 would do it ... or four people each paying $60
... a dozen folks each for $20 ... you get the math. :)

Annual fee to Web Networks is our only operating expense, btw. Every
penny goes there. Please let Peter know by email
(pwatson at ns dot sympatico dot ca) if you'd be willing to chip in to
support this independent communications forum.

Easiest way to contribute is to send a cheque payable to "Web Networks"
to Peter at:

CO Peter Watson
22 Aurora Avenue
Halifax, NS, B3P 1H4

Peter has offered to compile the cheques and send them in to Web
Networks. Please remember to make them payable to "Web Networks".

If you have some free time, your fund raising initiatives are most welcome.
Consider donating proceeds from your next garage sale to sust-mar!

~Paul and Peter

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