[Sust-mar] NDP, Liberals and Conservatives receive F in NSEN Election Survey

Tamara Lorincz tlorincz at dal.ca
Mon Oct 7 17:35:35 EDT 2013

Hello Sust-Mar Friends from the UK!

I know it is election time there in Nova Scotia. 

I believe this story is important and has not received as much press as it
should have: "Failing grades for mainstream parties on key environmental

Please read the whole report here:

Kudos to everyone involved in the NSEN survey for this important analysis
and election contribution!

The Nova Scotia New Democratic Party should be ashamed of itself. It
received an F in the Nova Scotia Environmental Network's election survey. An
F is what is expected from the Liberals and the Conservatives. Let's not
forget the NS NDP shelved the Sustainable Prosperity Framework, refused to
implement the Genuine Progress Index (15 years of work!), watered down the
Environmental Goals Act, cancelled the annual Power of Green Conference,
stopped hosting the Green Roots Sustainability Education Symposium, closed
down the Sustainable Prosperity Partnership unit, terminated Voluntary
Planning, and made totally useless the Minister's Round Table on the
Environment & the Economy (See how the NS NDP has done nothing with the
Round Table http://www.gov.ns.ca/nse/dept/minister.roundtable.asp ). 

By the way, the NS NDP did not even mention any of the words/phrases:
"environmental education", "nature education", "climate change", "education
for sustainable development", and "nature education" in its 2011 Kids and
Learning First Policy (but Nova Scotia kids can get extra-curricular high
school credit for learning to shoot guns in cadets!)

What a huge environmental disappointment NDP Premier Dexter and his party
have been for this province! 

In solidarity from afar for peace, earth & justice,

No political party affiliation

PS:  I'll never again be affiliated with any political party (including the
Greens): www.tamaralorincz.ca

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