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Chris Thomson cthomson at nssc.library.ns.ca
Mon Jan 20 11:51:07 EST 2014

*The Cape Breton Regional Library, with support from the TD Friends of 
the Environment Foundation, is pleased to present the film series:*

***Films for the Environment***

      At the McConnell Library, 50 Falmouth St, Sydney, NS

*Tuesdays starting Jan 21^st @ 6:30 pm *

**Tues Jan **21^st Return of the Scorcher*(28 mins | 1992)

*Return of the Scorcher*shows that in a world filled with traffic jams 
and car-related social problems there is an evolving cycling renaissance 
and explores the culture of the bicycle. Shot in China, the Netherlands, 
Denmark and USA.

Also the short film, *Changing the Mindset: Creating More Livable 
Cities*, followed by discussion and a preview of *(We aren't blocking 
traffic) WE ARE TRAFFIC!* about the "Critical Mass" bicycle movement. 
Directed by Ted White.*//*

**Tues Jan 28^th A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, 
Brazil***(52 mins | 2007)

Discover the cost-effective innovations in affordable housing, 
transportation, recycling, and parks that have transformed Curitiba into 
one of the most livable cities in the world.

A film by Giovanni Vaz Del Bello.

**Tues Feb 4^th Chemerical: Redefining clean for a new generation***(75 
mins | 2010)

*Chemerical *explores the life cycle of everyday household cleaners and 
hygiene products to prove that, thanks to our clean obsession, we are 
drowning in a sea of toxicity. Humorous and informative, the film 
provides the audience with simple solutions and the inspiration to live 
toxic free.Directed by Andrew Nisker.

**Tues Feb 11^th The Polyface Farm*(126 mins | 2001)

In this film, entrepreneur and passionate farmer Joel Salatin explains 
his system of farming utilizing the balance and interconnectedness of 
the landscape, plants and animals on his farm. Hard hitting and 
practical, Salatin's solutions will revolutionize your thinking about 
food and farming in a proactive, can-do style.Select chapters shown.

**Tues Feb 18^th 1- Call to Life: Facing the Mass Extinction*

(60 mins | 2010)

*Call to Life*explores the causes and predicted global impact of massive 
loss of biodiversity on the planet.The primary drivers of species loss 
are habitat destruction, global warming, and invasive species, all the 
result of human activity.The collective and individual choices we make, 
or do not make, will affect the habitability of the earth for millions 
of years to come.This film is a wake up call. Directed by Monte Thompson.

*2-**A Simple Question: The Story of STRAW*

(24 mins | 2010)

*The Story of STRAW*(Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed) shows 
how grade 4 classes in California restored over 20 miles of creek-side 
habitat to save an endangered species, partnering with ranchers, 
scientists, governments and schools.

Empowering children works!

**Tues Feb 25^th Permaculture:**1-Farming with Nature*(33 mins)

(2002)*2-Aquaculture***(30 mins)

*3-Terraces and Raised Beds*(27 mins)

Austrian farmer Sepp Holzer created one of the biggest and most 
successful permaculture farms in Europe. During 2000-2002, filmmakers 
Malcolm St. Julian Bown and Heidi Snel followed this "Agro-Rebel" with 
the camera.

**Tues Mar 4^th Gardens of Destiny*(63 mins | 2008)

Dan Jason, an organic gardener on Salt Spring Island, BC, heads the Seed 
and Plant Sanctuary for Canada, a worldwide network of gardeners working 
to preserve plant diversity.Explore Dan's garden, and issues such as 
genetic engineering, terminator seeds and industrial agriculture, as 
well as what you can do to support plant diversity and organic growers.

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