[Sust-mar] Marine Affairs Program now accepting applications for the 2015/16 Master of Marine Management Program

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Master of Marine Management - Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie

Making waves in marine management since 1986

The world's oceans, as well as the people who depend on them, are under great stress. Climate change, sea level rise, ocean acidification, coastal development and pollution are just a few of the myriad issues affecting the world's marine environments.

Dalhousie's Marine Affairs Program<http://www.marineaffairsprogram.dal.ca> provides an enquiring, stimulating and interdisciplinary learning environment to advance the sustainable use and conservation of the world's coastal and ocean environments.

Students participating in the 16-month Master of Marine Management (MMM) <http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm.html> degree are drawn from diverse academic backgrounds that include natural sciences, social sciences, engineering or the humanities.

Dal's MMM program is unique and provides students with professional development activities lead to communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills.

Individuals interested in applying<http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/admissions.html> can follow the embedded links for more information:

Research activities<http://www.dal.ca/faculty/science/marine-affairs-program/research.html> | Current faculty<http://www.dal.ca/faculty/science/marine-affairs-program/faculty-staff/our-faculty.html> | Graduate research projects<http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/research/student-theses.html> Scholarships<http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/funding---support.html> | Student<http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/graduate-life/current-students.html> profiles

Apply today to secure a place in the class of 2014/2015<http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/graduate-life/current-students.html>
The application deadline is January 31, 2015 for scholarship consideration, all other applications by March 31, 2015. <http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/admissions.html>

Dalhousie receives more than $150 million in research funding each year- making it the largest and most diverse research university in Atlantic Canada.  <http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/admissions.html>
Halifax is Canada's ocean centre, and home to more than 400 marine-related PhDs placing it among the top five locations for marine research in the world.  <http://www.dal.ca/research.html>
Becky Field, Administrator | Marine Affairs Program <http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/graduate-life/living-in-halifax.html>
Dalhousie University | Life Sciences Centre | Biology Rm 807 <http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/graduate-life/living-in-halifax.html>
1355 Oxford Street | PO Box 15000 | Halifax, NS B3H 4R2  Canada<http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/graduate-life/living-in-halifax.html>
Tel (902) 494-3555 |  Fax (902) 494-1123  <http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/graduate-life/living-in-halifax.html>
marine.affairs at dal.ca | www.marineaffairsprogram.dal.ca<http://www.dal.ca/academics/programs/graduate/mmm/graduate-life/living-in-halifax.html>

Becky Field, Administrator | Marine Affairs Program
Dalhousie University | Life Sciences Centre | Biology Rm 807
1355 Oxford Street | PO Box 15000 | Halifax, NS B3H 4R2  Canada
Tel (902) 494-3555 |  Fax (902) 494-1123
marine.affairs at dal.ca<mailto:marine.affairs at dal.ca> | www.marineaffairsprogram.dal.ca<http://www.marineaffairsprogram.dal.ca>

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