[Sust-mar] Invitation to Local Prosperity: New Economics for Rural Canada Conference

David Wimberly davidwimberly at eastlink.ca
Sat Nov 22 19:19:16 EST 2014

*_Invitation to Local Prosperity: New Economics for Rural Canada 

I want to extend a special invitation to Sust-Mar readers to attend the 
*Local Prosperity Conference*, scheduled for April 9-12, 2015, in 
Cornwallis and Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.

Our intent in creating this conference is to provide tools, knowledge, 
and confidence beneficial, perhaps essential, to building sustainable 
society in our world.  We feel this will have a deep connection with 
issues and people that also hold that aspiration.  Please take a look at 
our information below, at our website at www.localprosperity.ca 
<http://www.localprosperity.ca> , and in the flyer below.  We invite you 
to share the invitation to this conference and please distribute our 
materials to those you feel would benefit.

*Local Prosperity*is designed to focus on a new economic model for small 
and rural communities, and is intended to provide a toolbox of 
actionable best-in-class local economic tools that can be implemented by 
citizens and stakeholders in these communities.You will see that we are 
attempting to touch into major sectors of the economy with breakout 
sessions featuring new ideas and examples from our region and other 
parts of the world.Our event opener on Thursday, April 9^th , the 
*Up!Skilling Festival*, demonstrates how community resilience begins by 
knowing, teaching, and learning 'how-to' skills, trades, and crafts.

This conference is already receiving enormous interest from the entire 
Atlantic Canada region, as well as other parts of Canada and the 
USA.Yet, in the spirit of providing smaller and more intimate 
conversations, we have made the decision to limit the number of 
delegates to 300.

We are extending a special invitation to register to you -- and to those 
who have the interest in rural economics to attend or be on your contact 
list.You have a window of several weeks to guarantee your ability to 
attend by registering early.

To register, please visit this website page: 

If you have questions about the event prior to registering, you can 
contact:info at localprosperity.ca <mailto:info at localprosperity.ca>

We look forward to seeing you at *Local Prosperity*.

Warm regards;
David Wimberly*
Conference core organizing group
Centre for Local Prosperity
davidwimberly at eastlink.ca

(Write me if you want a properly formatted version of the flier below 
that you can distribute further in a one page version.)


*An Atlantic Regional Conference*

April 9-12, 2015

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia**

www.localprosperity.ca <http://www.localprosperity.ca>


*Teaching Practical Economic Tools For Local Communities*

This conference will focus on how individuals, businesses, and 
communities in rural communities can design and then implement a 
practical blueprint for a prosperous future and a healthy 
economy.***/Local Prosperity/*will feature the best of the best -- 
examples of a new economic model in action at the local level, in 
Atlantic Canada, other regions of Canada, and the world.  This 
conference will teach a wide range of immediately-actionable tools for 
community builders. */Local Prosperity/* is intended for those who can 
begin the work to inspire others in the implementation of these projects 
and tools. **

Over 35 keynote speakers, moderators and panelists will share their 
experience and knowledge in a wide range of local community 
initiatives.Conference working breakout sessions will highlight 
innovative approaches to the following sectors:

·*/Localizing Community Investment/*///with investment pools, 
crowdfunding, co-ops and microlending///

·*/Local Complementary Currencies/*///such as circulating notes, mutual 
credit, time banks and more/

·*/Shared Community Resources/*///including social transportation 
systems, tool libraries and street banks///

·*/Steady Statesmanship: Governance in the New Economy/*///with new 
model policy and program ideas///

·*/Small Farms and Food-sheds as Economic Drivers /*/with distribution 
hubs and increasing local demand/*//*

·*/Value-added Fisheries as a Resource of the Commons/*///with community 
supported fisheries and quota///

·*/Rebuilding the Value Chain from our Forests/*///including value-added 
management and products ///

·*/Arts & Culture Economy/*///using heritage and place-making as a 
cornerstone to draw people in///

The Conference opens with an *Up!Skilling Festival and Expo* on 
Thursday, April 9th, with classes teaching valuable once-common skills, 
crafts, and trades important to becoming a resilient 'Do-It-Yourselfer.'

Conferencelocation: */Annapolis Royal Regional Academy/* and the 
*/Annapolis Basin Conference Centre/*.

*/Early registration is encouraged -- please email 
/**/info at localprosperity.ca/**//*

For more information, contact:www.localprosperity.ca

Gregory Heming 902-955-1267gregoryaheming at gmail.com

Robert Cervelli902-222-4391robert.cervelli at gmail.com


*Centre for Local Prosperity, *Port Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada**


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