[Sust-mar] Annual web hosting fee - passing the sust-mar hat

Peter Watson pwatson at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 16 09:50:08 EDT 2014

Hello Sust-martians,

Paul and Peter sincerely hope that you enjoy being a part of "sust-mar", the
Sustainable Maritimes email list. From feedback, we believe sust-mar is a
very useful communications tool.

Sust-mar is membership driven and volunteer run, but unfortunately not free
to operate. We have only one operating expense: our $276.85 annual fee to
Web Networks, sust-mar's web host. Which is due this month.

We have used up the funds that were generourly donated by our membership
in 2012, that allowed us to cover the past two years' operating expenses.

Will you or your organisation contribute to help cover our operating costs?

One donation of $276.85 would do it ... or four people each paying $70...
a dozen folks for $25 each ... you get the math. :)  Heck, if all 580 members
contributed just one dollar we'd have the next two years covered!

To all readers and contributors who appreciate sust-mar, now is a great time
to show that appreciation, and grab your pen or keyboard. Even small
amounts can really help, and no amount is too small.

We understand that people are real busy (we definitely are!), so we're 
making it easier for you. For those able and willing to contribute, we will now take 
E-transfers as well as mailed cheques. So there are now two options to donate:

1) If you are familiar with e-transfer, you can send your donation plus
e-transfer password to my e-mail address (pwatson at ns dot sympatico dot 
ca), and I will ensure that every penny collected from the membership goes 
towards sust-mar's Web Networks account.

2) You can send a cheque payable to "Web Networks" to my mailing
address at:

CO Peter Watson
22 Aurora Avenue
Halifax, NS, B3P 1H4

I will compile the cheques and send them in to Web Networks. Please remember
to make them payable to "Web Networks".

Please let Peter know by email (pwatson at ns dot sympatico dot ca) if you'd
be willing to chip in to support this independent communications forum. It
would be a real shame to lose this sust-mar service due to lack of funds!

Thank you kindly in advance!
~Paul and Peter 

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