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Wed Apr 8 13:03:34 EDT 2015

On April 11, we March for the Climate!
*1pm at Victoria Park, Halifax*

On April 14th, most of Canada's premiers will meet in Quebec City. Climate
change will be the only item on their agenda. Stephen McNeil still hasn't
confirmed his attendance.

On April 11th, there will be a march in Quebec to demand climate protection
and renewable energy solutions.

*In Halifax:*

We're rallying in solidarity with the march happening in Quebec, and
calling on premier McNeil to take real action on climate change.

 FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1569984489943614/

*Why we're marching*:

2015 is a pivotal year for climate action, full of challenges and urgency,
culminating in December’s UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Across Canada the mining and transportation of unconventional oil from the
tar sands has become a dominant issue. To the west ferocious opposition has
stalled the Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline projects
in their tracks, while to the east almost half a million dollars has
already been raised by community groups preparing to fight Transcanada’s
proposed Energy East tar sands pipeline.

Stephen Harper calls these pipeline opponents extremists, but unlike his
government they represent the views of a majority of Canadians. A study in
the January edition of the journal Nature put our challenge plainly: Canada
must leave 85% of the tar sands in the soil in order to help the human race
avoid catastrophic climate change.

That means no new tar sands pipelines. No Keystone, no Energy East, no
Kinder Morgan, No Northern Gateway. Build even one, and we torpedo our
chances of stopping global warming. We stand on the edge of a precipice,
and a lack of political will threatens to send us over it.

*Our message is simple:*

*YES* to climate protection

A growing consensus of the world’s scientists and energy economists agree
2/3 of all fossil fuels need to be left in the ground to stave off the
worst effects of climate change. It’s time to listen.

*NO* to expanding Canada’s tar sands and pipelines and fracking

We can act on climate or we can expand the tar sands and unconventional
gas, but we cannot do both. Tar sands pipelines  and fracking threaten our
drinking water, our health, and our future. It’s the wrong direction.

*YES* to just, green, renewable energy

Where the Federal Government has completely failed, many of Canada’s
Premiers have taken strong steps to combat climate change. Others need to
follow suit and invest in green jobs and climate protection. Together in
Quebec City, we can deliver a message to our leaders that we demand action
on climate.

*Who we are:*

The act on climate march is being organized by a Canada-wide climate
coalition spearheaded by Quebec’s environmental movement and supported by
organized labour, community and citizen groups, student associations,
social movements and Indigenous Nations and communities. In Halifax, the
initiative is supported by a range of groups and individuals demanding
provincial leadership on climate change.
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