[Sust-mar] Introducing #RealSecurityIs

Barbara Harris bharris at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue Aug 25 13:27:05 EDT 2015

Dear Friends, 

Let's open up the conversation about security. #RealSecurityIs is a non-partisan, grassroots campaign launched by concerned Canadians. We want to  deepen the election conversation about what really makes us secure, using #RealSecurityIs. Our goal is to encourage thoughtful discussion about what really makes us secure, and what we can do to contribute to Real Security. 

We believe Canadians can do better than a shallow, short-term vision of security, which does not address the social conditions on which a secure society is built. We don’t have to accept a story about security that is based on fear and hatred, and encourages us to distrust our neighbors and those with whom we share the planet. 

Strong climate action, ending poverty and violence, vibrant communities, racial justice, truth and reconciliation, clean air, soil and water, strong local economies, fracking bans, strengthening democracy — aren’t these all aspects of what #RealSecurityIs.

Please follow us @RealSecurityIs, give us a shout out, add your voice to the discussion, and invite your friends and followers to join in. 

Our FB page is http://on.fb.me/1NrrFnO .

In solidarity for the world we want and need,

Barb Harris

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