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Thu Jul 2 11:03:00 EDT 2015

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Cheerful Transitions,
David Wimberly
*Program Director*

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*www.transitionbay.ca <http://www.transitionbay.ca>*
*/davidwimberly at eastlink.ca <mailto:davidwimberly at eastlink.ca>
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For Affordability and Ecological Sustainability
**July 153:30-8:30 pmTruro -- $55**
With Mike Lewis, Co-sponsored with NS Co-operative Council*

A Community Land Trust (CLT) is a blended land ownership model.  It 
secures socio-economic and environmental goals through non-profit 
ownership of the land and leasing it back to private owners or 
organizations focused on community benefit.  Affordability and other 
goals are built into the lease creating a powerful and balance means of 
blending private and community benefits.

This unique land tenure has proven itself to actually *increase housing 
affordability* over time, both for rentals and owner occupied housing. 
This workshop will elevate these applications as a priority.  However, 
CLTs have several other applications. Two will be touched on in this 
workshop; how it can be used facilitate the transfer of land to a new 
generation of ecologically conscious young farmers and the provision of 
affordable work space.

Sound interesting and relevant?  We hope so. Come and spend 5 hours 
engaging with Michael Lewis, the leading Canadian expert on CLTs. *Mike 
Lewis* is well known in Canada and internationally as a practitioner, 
author, educator, and leader in the field of CED and the social economy. 
His experience cuts across the full range of functions connected to 
community renewal and development. He has built and advised a wide range 
of businesses, organizations, and governments all over Canada and 
internationally as well. An innovator, activist, and thinker with a 
penchant for linking practice with policy and the micro and macro, 
Mike’s leadership in CCCR (communityrenewal.ca 
<http://www.communityrenewal.ca/>) and elsewhere continues to help us 
connect the dots and stay ahead of the curve.

*Location:* Rath Eastlink Community Centre, 625 Abenaki Road, Truro, 
Nova Scotia
*Date and Time:* Wednesday, July 15, 3:30pm to 8:30pm*
Cost:* $ 55.00. Dinner and refreshments are included.

/The RECC is clearly visible from the Veteran Memorial Highway #102 as 
you drive through Truro, Nova Scotia. Take exit 13, head towards the 
town, and gain access to the RECC parking just off of Abenaki Road./

*To register:*linda at novascotia.coop 
<mailto:linda at novascotia.coop> Pre-registration essential.

*For more information: *transitionbay.ca 
<http://www.transitionbay.ca/> .  Event co-sponsored by Transition Bay 
St Margarets <http://www.transitionbay.ca/> and by Nova Scotia 
Co-operative Council <http://www.novascotia.coop/>.

Ask for our email flier to share with your contacts and organizations.

***Participants will be offered a comprehensive information package 
downloadable to your USB Flash Drive. This workshop will be a solid 
foundation on a proven way to make affordable and protect land for 
housing, farming, workplaces, and conservation. Please don’t miss this 

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