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*There is poetry in the air, the ocean, the trees, the rocks…*


*September 9-11: Writing from nature*with award-winning poet, 
naturalist, and environmentalist Harry Thurston.

This Friday evening to Sunday afternoon workshop is designed to sharpen 
observational skills, the foundation not only of nature writing but of 
all good writing. Focus will be on writing about the natural world. 
Practical exercises will include the writing of a prose poem – a hybrid 
and highly flexible form – taking as subject a natural object from the 
environment surrounding the Harrison Lewis Centre on one of the most 
protected and beautiful stretches of Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

Participants are asked to submit a short prose piece or small selection 
of poems three weeks prior to the workshop date. Workshop gets underway 
at 7 pm, Friday, September 9 (harrythurston.ca/).

Enrollment limited to 12 participants.

“The workshop was a great time; Harry Thurston is a Nova Scotian writer 
who coincidentally grew up in Harrison Lewis's boyhood home. Check out 
Harry Thurston at http://harrythurston.ca/: he's an encyclopedia of 
Maritime natural history and literary heritage. It's hard to believe 
that there is anywhere where writers feel such a love and deep 
historical connection to a place as in Nova Scotia and Harry embodies 
that connection.” ( South Shore Nova Scotia 
<https://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/?o=tS&doc_id=12852&v=3v> by David 
Boehm <https://www.crazyguyonabike.com/directory/?o=tS&user=purpletramp>)

“I’ve gone twice before to work on poems and Harry Thurston is a 
brilliant facilitator. One (two) of the best poetry workshops I’ve ever 
attended. Treat yourself to a creative week-end in a beautiful setting.” 
(Open Heart Forgery, Mary Ellen Sullivan)

*Limited enrollment, excellent instruction, great meals, amazing 
wilderness coastal setting within a short two-hour drive from Halifax –*

*what more can one ask?*


*Email HLC at eastlink.ca *


*FBook: Harrison Lewis Coastal Discovery Centre*



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