[sust-mar] Compassion Training Workshop: Skills to transform society. March 26

David Wimberly davidwimberly at eastlink.ca
Thu Mar 10 03:26:48 EST 2016

Compassion Training Workshop: Skills to transform society.
Saturday, March 26.  1 to 4 pm. Tantallon Library, NS. Free. All welcome.

A few hours that might transform your life. Learn practical skills for 
building compassion in action to help transform the way we understand 
and engage with each other, including in groups of all sorts. All are 
welcome to attend. Groups are encouraged to send representatives*.*

Like so many of you, we see the need for compassion to play a more 
prominent role in our personal and professional lives, and in society 
altogether. Recent scientific research has confirmed that compassion 
training, using simple contemplative activities and practices, can 
deepen and broaden our ability to express, and act upon, the compassion 
that is inherent in all human beings.

Waves of Compassion has been exploring ways to make compassion training 
available locally. They have facilitated 5 three hour workshops and 1 
all day workshop for over 120 people. During the workshops four themes 
are developed:

1. how to create a compassionate environment,
2. contemplative tools for enhancing compassion,
3. the importance of self-compassion, and
4. compassionate action in the world as a contemplative practice 
(bringing compassion into the daily activities of businesses, churches, 
NGO’s, government, schools, family etc.).

There is no charge for attending, but donations are welcome. Coffee, 
tea, & cookies will be offered. It would be helpful if you would 
preregister, using the link below. (Of course, you are welcome to attend 
without pre-registering, if you prefer).


The workshop is facilitated by the Waves of Compassion Association and 
the Atlantic Contemplative Centre, and hosted by Transition Bay. We very 
much look forward to exploring compassion and compassion training with 
you on March 26th. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the 
presenters at: jtorbert at eastlink.ca

The workshop will be led by Kim MacAulay, Jim Torbert, and David 
Whitehorn, Directors, Waves of Compassion Association and Atlantic 
Contemplative Centre.

More at wavesofcompassion.ca/ <http://wavesofcompassion.ca/> and at 
contemplativecentre.ca/ <http://contemplativecentre.ca/>

Just imagine how this can better the life of, and life at, groups of all 
kinds, as well as lives of individuals!  Image the benefits with 
compassion not just as more of a core value for society, but with actual 
ways to bring compassion into the daily functions of all sectors of society!

The organizers encourage all groups to send delegates to explore this 
and to bring it back to their groups.

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