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To Mikmaq water defenders and allies

Next weekend (Sept 10 and 11) we will be building a fish weir across the
Alton dump brine site in the bay. There will be nothing illegal about this,
in a safe zone, across the river or actually half way across the river.

We will use this weir for three purposes: one for food to eat, two for
trade and sale and third ,and most important, we will be making this area
an Inner bay of fundy salmon conservation area and we will use weir to
count and record any endangered species and help us with a baseline.

We will need to build a weir. Darren Porter is donating his time and
expertise, but we have to build it and fish it.

So next weekend Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th we will need
another production line. We will need lots of men and women to help cut
treees and build weir. As you can see in the pictures, women and children
can do the weaving and men help with getting the poles.

The other thing I would need is Univsersity or conservation peoples to
assist in the conservation work we are going to be doing here.

Please tag any friends who maybe able.to help us with conservation side.

Please share and come out again next weekend to establish our critical
habitat conservation zone for species at risk.

If DFO doesnt do it we will have to.


Also this is happening in North Dakota :  3000 standing up for the water!


Water is sacred!


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