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Local Prosperity 2016:
A Regional Conference in New Economics
Second Regional Economics Conference planned for
November 3-6, 2016
(Miramichi, New Brunswick)

The Centre for Local Prosperity is pleased to announce that it will be 
working jointly with the
City of Miramichi, New Brunswick to host the second regional conference 
on Local Prosperity.
The conference is entitled “Local Prosperity 2016: A Regional Conference 
in New Economics”
(www.localprosperity.ca) and will take place November 3-6, 2016, in 
Miramichi, New

Local Prosperity 2016 will host over 35 speakers from across Atlantic 
Canada, Eastern Canada
and the USA to discuss ways in which small and local communities can 
re-localize and
rejuvenate their economies.

Keynote speakers include
David Orr, an internationally recognized leader on full-spectrum 
community sustainability
amidst environmental change, and
Michael Shuman, one of the most influential drivers today on investment, 
localization and
business pollination.

The  conference will address the fact that global financial and consumer 
markets, climate
change, and a multitude of international trends have impacted the 
economic and cultural
health of our communities.
The past decade or more of evidence-based studies, practical local 
experimentation, and
innovation point to two indisputable facts:
(1) the higher the density of locally owned businesses in a community or 
region the higher
the local job growth; and
(2) the higher the degree of localization, the higher the per capita 
income growth.

Adam Lordon,    Deputy Mayor of the City of Miramichi says, "We are 
thrilled to be teaming
up with the Centre for Local Prosperity to bring the Local Prosperity 
2016 conference to the
riverbanks of our beautiful rural city.
We are looking forward to hosting thought-leaders and innovators and 
engaging with them
in solution-oriented discussions about creating real, tangible, economic 
opportunities for
Miramichi and other rural communities in our region.”

One of the conference organizers, Gregory Heming, an Annapolis County 
municipal councilor
and Co-Director of the Centre for Local Prosperity, says, “Leveraging 
the success of our first
Local Prosperity conference in April 2015 in Annapolis Royal, Nova 
Scotia, we believe that
this second conference will deepen the appreciation for many viable new 
economic tools
and ideas for improving the viability of small rural communities.”

“The conference is intended for anyone inspired to revitalize their 
community,”says Robert
Cervelli, Co-Director of the Centre for Local Prosperity, who goes on to 
list farmers, fishermen,
foresters, community leaders, elected representatives, business and 
industry leaders, small
business owners, students, start-up entrepreneurs, agency and 
association representatives,
and local residents.

About the Centre for Local Prosperity:
The Centre for Local Prosperity (www.centreforlocalprosperity.ca) is a 
registered non-profit
organization with a mandate to initiate conversations intended to 
encourage communities
to begin a shift toward an economy that is properly scaled for the place.
CLP organizes events, activities, studies and community consultations in 
new models of
economic development, drawing on world-class examples of evidence-based 
studies, practical
local experimentation and innovation.

It is CLP’s hope that such a dialogue will result in real action for 
change by creating a new
climate for change.

For more information, contact:
Robert Cervelli; 902-222-4391
robert.cervelli at gmail.com
Andrea Vandenboer; 902-955-1237
info at localprosperity.ca
Jeff McTavish; 506-623-2062
Jeff.MacTavish at miramichi.org

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