[sust-mar] Sea-level Rise Workshop: Feb 12, 2:15-4:45pm, Tantallon Library, Free, All Welcome

David Wimberly davidwimberly at eastlink.ca
Wed Jan 11 19:51:34 EST 2017

*Your Compassionate Coastline: **Sea-Level Rise in St. Margaret’s Bay & 
What We Can Do!*

February 12, 2:15pm – 4:45pm, Tantallon Public Library, All Welcome, No 

We all need to know more about what to expect in our area for sea-level 
rise. It is happening. There is much more to come. Effects are serious. 
But we can do much positive in response. All of us can help. So join us!

Our speakers will lead us in exploring the most critical issues with a 
focus specifically on St. Margaret’s Bay. You will be offered the latest 
information, including sources for ongoing learning. We will engage in 
documenting your concerns and questions with a special interest in your 
local knowledge of specific impacts and vulnerabilities, including what 
you say needs to be done here. This is for everybody whether you live 
here, or on the coast, or not. Organizations are particularly urged to 
send representatives.

“Sea-level rise is impacting our coastal communities more and more every 
year and it’s not expected to let up in the future. Communities need 
knowledge, they need tools, but most importantly they need to feel 
empowered to do something about it.” Samantha Page, EAC’s Coastal 
Adaptation Coordinator.

Samantha will present evidence and tools for us just recently developed 
and fully up-dated. The Ecology Action Centre has teamed up with the 
Department of Fisheries & Oceans to create an informative website and 
workshop for coastal residents, fishermen, and municipalities about 
rising seas that are specific to our region and communities.

This project is designed to:
∙ Help communities learn about sea-level rise and how it affects them,
∙ Provide access to tools that have been developed locally with the 
latest climate change information available,
∙ Show the need for incorporating sea-level rise into future plans.

The website will be launched in February and the EAC will be hosting a 
series of workshops. So the approach and information will be as fresh as 
the salt spray at Peggy’s Cove!

Kelly Schnare will be presenting an interactive workshop with Sierra 
Club of Canada Atlantic's Re-imagining Atlantic Harbours in 2050, 
which aims to inspire and identify with our waters for the next 
generation. Story sharing using the ‘Swim Drink Fish’ program called 
#mywatermark <https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/mywatermark> will engage 
participants to document their coastal experiences.

“Personally inquiring and reflecting on Saint Margaret’s Bay is 
essential to this workshop. Re-imagining SMB in 2050 asks: how do you 
talk about the Bay, how do you interact with it? Collectively a shared 
vision for the next generation uses a blue lens to look at our community 
to uncover a cultural, watershed, and species dialogue to allow us to 
further understand the centre of our community.” Kelly Schnare, Program 
Coordinator with Sierra Club Atlantic.

Can’t make it to the workshop? We would still love your feedback on the 
website content. Sign up (encouraged but not required) by emailing 
coastal at ecologyaction.ca or by calling 902.442.5046. Snacks and drinks 
will be provided.

Hosts: Transition Bay St Margarets and Ecology Action Centre. More 
information at: transitionbay.ca/events 
<http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftransitionbay.ca%2Fevents&h=WAQF6U6dV&enc=AZOBYWXGvgq1JMZ1kwOQP9A56LoPwo2rvjczvE48nTSERRbhPHYuOk6SM2EroLUB0R8&s=1> and 
at: ecologyaction.ca/issue-area/coastal-and-water-projects 
<http://ecologyaction.ca/issue-area/coastal-and-water-projects> .

Transition Bay St Margarets works on the need for adaptable and 
resilient local communities as part of the International Transition 
Movement <http://transitionnetwork.org> (transitionnetwork.org 
<https://transitionnetwork.org/>), focused on building resiliency back 
into local areas in a project-driven approach. We have launched a number 
of successful projects in the Bay and also continue to host regional 
workshops on related topics.



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