[sust-mar] Solar Learning Sessions: Photovoltaic For Your Home!

Dan av231 at chebucto.ca
Wed Jul 3 15:33:20 EDT 2019

Hello cherished Sust Mar Member!

Solar Nova Scotia is delighted to share the schedule for another bunch of Discover Solar 2019 sessions. These presentations are designed to de-mystify the technology, the economics, and the process of getting solar panels on your home. Solar electricity has a great payback time and is great for the environment! 

You will learn:

      • ... that solar electricity works in Nova Scotia!
      • ... how and why productivity varies by location;
      • ... that many systems pay themselves off in 10-12 years;
      • ... how to evaluate quotes for a PV system; and
      • ... the specifics of available loans, rebates, etc.

If you know your way around a PV module and an inverter, this Learning Session may not be for you; but if you’re curious about how we’re teaching this topic, you’re welcome to attend of course.

In any case, please share among friends and social media as widely as possible.

We will be offering the Learning Session all around the province, but only have HRM booked right now. Since you’re on our mailing list, you’ll be notified when the out-of-town sessions are confirmed!

Here’s the schedule, and the links to the registration forms for the next couple months of sessions.  


Looking forward to seeing you out and about!

If you would like to help create a Learning Session in YOUR community, write back!

Daniel MacKay
Secretary, Solar Nova Scotia

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