[sust-mar] March 4 2019: What’s Happening in the Bay of Fundy? Event Planned to Hear Diverse Perspectives on Tidal Power

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*What’s Happening in the Bay of Fundy? Event Planned to Hear Diverse
Perspectives on Tidal Power*

Nova Scotia Environmental Network and Halifax Public Libraries will host a
discussion about Nova Scotia’s tidal energy sector with eight
panelists on Monday,
March 4 at 6 p.m. at the Paul O’Regan Hall, Halifax Central Library, 5440
Spring Garden Rd, Halifax.

“‘Let's Talk Tidal Power: What’s Happening in the Bay of Fundy?’ will
provide a rare opportunity for the public to better understand who is who
in the tidal energy sector, where things stand today, what is at stake, and
how the future could unfold,” says Chris White, Chair of Nova Scotia
Environmental Network.

Moderated by Dr. Boris Worm, Professor in Marine Conservation Biology at
Dalhousie University, the panel will bring together researchers,
government, industry, First Nations, and fishers for a public discussion
and Q&A period.

“NSEN has strived to bring a balanced set of perspectives to the
conversation so the audience can draw their own conclusions from the
event,” says White. “We expect to learn a great deal ourselves and we are
excited to see how the discussion plays out.”

Research and development in Nova Scotia’s tidal energy resources have been
ongoing for decades, but concerns have been voiced by various parties
regarding the ecological impacts on the Bay of Fundy.

“We think it is time for Nova Scotia to have an inclusive conversation
about tidal power development so we can collectively establish common
ground on a sustainable path forward," says White.

All are welcome. Those not able to attend the event will be able to watch a
live stream on NSEN’s Facebook page:

Darren Porter (Fisheries representative)

Dr Graham Daborn (Acadia University)

Colin Sproul (Bay of Fundy Inshore Fishermen’s Association)

Paul McEachern (Marine Renewables Canada)

Tony Wright (FORCE)

Mike Wambolt (DFO)

Sara Swinamer (Bay of Fundy Water Protectors)

Megan MacLeod
NSEN Communications Coordinator

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