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Despite their best efforts, Equity's colleagues at New Zealand Equity
and Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) in Australia have been
unable to persuade the film producers of "The Hobbit" to agree to hire
the New Zealand based performers under any kind of union agreement. As
you are no doubt aware, "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy was one of the
most successful film franchises in the history of the medium. The
prequel to this saga, "The Hobbit" promises to be an equally large
release and is backed by a major Hollywood studio.

Canadian Actors' Equity Association supports the MEAA's efforts to
secure a union agreement. At the spring meeting of the Executive of the
International Federation of Actors (FIA) in Copenhagen, a motion was
passed supporting our colleagues. There is no reason why performers on
this production should not receive appropriate compensation, both for
their work and for the additional use of that work. Unfortunately, that
has not happened and now we must take this fight public.

It is essential that Equity show solidarity with our colleagues in New
Zealand and Australia on this matter. This is a very high profile, big
budget film production which has no excuse for not engaging performers
under appropriate terms and conditions. Members are requested not to
accept work on this non-union production, and to immediately inform
Equity if they are offered work on this production.

A letter of support signed by all the English speaking union members of
FIA and a FAQ sheet from MEAA outlining the issues is available at
EQUITYONLINE (http://www.caea.com).
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