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At its meeting of September 25 Equity's national Council accepted Allan
Teichman's resignation as Council President with profound thanks and deep

Allan's resignation did not come as a surprise, and was something he had
promised to do when re-elected President at the beginning of the term. He
also announced his plan to step down as part of his report to the
membership at Equity's last National Annual General Meeting.

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as Council President," said
Teichman, "but I've always believed that the best transition in any
leadership capacity is a planned and orderly one. The office involves a
lot of work, and a mid-term departure will provide an opportunity for the
next person who serves in that position to have a year of my assistance,
should they wish it."

Council wishes to acknowledge that Allan has served as Council President
for a record three plus terms encompassing 11 years of tireless and
exceptional work. Under his tenure, he skillfully assisted Council's
service to the Equity membership with insight, diligence, thoughtfulness
and good humour. Allan was an ardent advocate of broad-based member
consultation and outreach, putting the membership first in all of
Council's decision-making. His leadership focus has strengthened the
Association and positioned it well for the future.

Allan will formally step down as Council President at the next in-person
meeting on October 29, 2017 and Council will choose a new Council
President from the Councillor ranks that same day. Allan will continue as
an Ontario Councillor for the remainder of the 2015-2018 Council term. His
continued presence and guidance will help ensure a smooth transition into
the next phase of Equity's leadership with little disruption to Council

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