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Titled Creative Canada, the strategy provides a new vision and approach to
creative industries and to growing the creative economy by the Government of

The strategy focuses on three core pillars:
1. Invest in our creators and cultural entrepreneurs -- all of the
professionals who contribute to the creation and production of work, from
artists to writers, producers and directors – and their stories.

2. Promote discovery and distribution of Canadian content at home and

3. Strengthen public broadcasting and support local news.

Equity was encouraged to see priority given to the promotion of Canadian
content internationally as this was something that was emphasized in its
submission as part of the consultative process. However, the industry in
general was underwhelmed as several key details were not included in the
strategy, leaving the industry unable to determine the value to the sector.

The excitement that the government tried to generate about its $500 million
partnership deal with Netflix was cut short as few details were revealed.
Celebrating the fact that Netflix would be likely be producing new Canadian
content, the Minister's announcement was overshadowed by the fact that she
had avoided addressing the industry's strong recommendations that content
streaming companies like Netflix contribute to the financing mechanisms just
like any other Canadian broadcaster. This too, was reinforced in Equity's
earlier submission.

The larger arts community expressed early on that they felt left out the
government's review as the emphasis was on cultural industry players such
the film and television sector as well as more cutting edge creative
industry players such as augmented reality and video games.

With the review of the CBC, CRTC and Canadian Copyright Act committed to in
this announcement, there is a lot of work to be done in the remainder of
Minister Joly's mandate. We will continue to monitor the progress of this
strategy as it evolves.

The full text of the Creative Canada Policy Framework can be accessed here:
Canadian Actors' Equity Association
44 Victoria Street, 12th floor
Toronto, ON M5C 3C4
communications at caea.com


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