[Sust-mar] Research Participants wanted

Charlene Boyce Young cyoung at clean.ns.ca
Thu Dec 8 13:06:48 EST 2005

I was approached by a researcher at Dalhousie and asked to distribute this.
The research will explore contraceptive choice and ecology, from what I can
ascertain. Please respond to the address contained below.


Guys:  if you are between the age of 20 and 30, you may be able to
participate in a study about sexual and reproductive health.  You must
currently be in a heterosexual relationship of at least three weeks and be
sexually active (defined as having vaginal intercourse with your female
partner at least once during that time).  You or your partner must have used
a contraceptive device or technique during that time.

Girls:  if you have a boyfriend who fits the description above, please
consider asking if he would be interested in participating.

Participants will be compensated for their time with a one-time payment of

The purpose of this study (?Partner Support and the Physical Environment as
Determinants of Contraceptive Use and Contraceptive Method?) is to gather
information from men about sexual and reproductive health.  Specifically,
they will be asked a series of questions related to their personal
experiences with contraception in the context of a heterosexual relationship
with their partner.

Topics of conversation may include:  exploring possible links between the
physical environment (i.e. nature) and contraception; formative experiences
with contraception; where information is obtained; who is responsible for
using contraception; communication, intimacy, and expectations in a

The study will take the form of a private interview approximately 90 minutes
in duration, located at Dalhousie University.  Participation is voluntary,
and the interview may be stopped at any time.  If at any time you decide to
withdraw from the study, the interview audiotape and transcript will be
returned to you or destroyed at your request.  The interviewer will keep
your participation confidential.

If you want to participate, or have any questions regarding this research
study, you may contact Larry Phillips by email at ldphilli at dal.ca.  I will
make every effort to reply within 48 hours of receipt of a message,
including weekends. 

Alternately, I may be contacted by home phone (902) 826-1841.

You may also contact my supervisor, Dr. Jacqueline Gahagan, by email at
Jacqueline.gahagan at dal.ca or by phone (902) 494-1155.

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