[Sust-mar] sust-mar member survey on email size

Paul A Falvo pfalvo at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed Dec 28 18:54:03 EST 2005

Sust-martians, in a recent sust-mar survey, I asked: 

"Do you appreciate the 10K size limit? Do you want me to raise it? Remove

And below are the six answers I received. Please note that several readers
prefer TEXT ONLY messages (ie no html) and NO ATTACHMENTS. One reader
expressed preference for consolidated messages (eg 3 events in 1 email).

Three folks said NO to increasing the limit. One had no preference. One
was ok with up to 25K. One was ok with larger if they were text messages. 

Based on this, I plan to maintain my present policy which is to ENCOURAGE
a 10K size limit but allow 10K grace, so 20K is the absolute limit.

Feedback is always welcome. Below are the answers you sent me.
See the URL to an explanation of why attachments are problematic.

[. . .]

My vote on this is to keep messages small.

[. . .]

I'd be okay with upping the limit, but for text and 
HTML messages, only with NO attachments.

The ongoing misuse of attachments continues
to threaten otherwise affordable, open communication

What's wrong with attachments, other than the obvious?
See: http://www.planetfriendly.net/attachments.html#4

Thanks for keeping up this list,

[. . .]

as a dialup user, I appreciate there being a size limit.  I could deal with 
slighter larger files that that, however, so if you raised the limit to 25K 
or something, that would be fine.

thanks for asking,

[. . .]

Hello Offlist, Paul,
I am so grateful that this list exists, and that you care about these 
I much prefer ascii text messages to html
I much prefer short messages
and I really appreciate the member(s) who post in the *three events* genre
which cover lots of content with one short post

[. . .]

Thnigs are working well for me Paul. The 10K size limit seems reasonable.

Thanks for all your hard work -

[. . .]

Doesn't make any difference to me -- EAC has broadband.

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