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Climate Change Action Speaker Nov 3 at UPEI

Michael Stoddard, deputy director of Environment Northeast (ENE) in 
Portland, Maine,
will speak to region-wide strategies on climate change at a public 
presentation on Thursday, November 3rd, 7-9:30pm in room 120 Main Building 
at UPEI. He will also provide insights on possibilities for US-Canadian 
coalition building between east-coast NGOs, in preparation for the upcoming 
Kyoto Protocol Conference in Montreal Nov. 28-Dec. 9, COP11 (see note 
below); as well as provide an update on climate change issues from the 
USA.  This regional event to lead up to the COP11 Conference is 
co-sponsored by the Institute of Island Studies, the Environmental 
Coalition of PEI (ECOPEI), the Atlantic Canada Energy Coalition (ACEC) and 
Climate Action Network Canada (CAN Canada). For more info call Tony Reddin 
at 675-4093 or go to www.ecopei.ca , www.ClimateActionNetwork.ca or 
www.kyoto-montreal.ca .
Michael D. Stoddard is an attorney and the deputy director of Environment 
Northeast (ENE). He co-authored ENE's Climate Change Roadmap for 
Connecticut and edited ENE's report Protecting Our Biosphere: A 
Comprehensive Response to Climate Change, and is currently directing ENE's 
project to study options for achieving 75% GHG reductions by mid-century in 
the New England Governors-Eastern Canadian Premiers (NEG-ECP) region.  This 
project aims to identify 'best practices'-- in areas of renewable energy 
policy, energy efficiency programs, utility tariffs, cap and trade 
programs, and carbon sequestration -and evaluate the impacts of applying 
such practices across the region. It will explore the benefits of taking a 
regional approach to the implementation of these policies/programs and 
identify the steps that should be considered to advance the establishment 
and implementation of these policies/programs. For more information visit 
Climate Action Network Canada (CAN Canada) is made up of more than 100 
organizations across Canada working to protect the environment from harmful 
human interference of the atmosphere resulting in climate change. Contact 
Andrew Dumbrille, Climate Action Network, info at ClimateActionNetwork.ca, 
www.ClimateActionNetwork.ca .
The Climate Action Network believes that to effectively reduce greenhouse 
gas emissions, Canada must make the transition to a 21st Century economy 
based on the efficient use of primarily renewable energy. Actions taken to 
meet our Kyoto Protocol obligations must lay the foundation for such a 
The 11th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework 
Convention on Climate Change (aka COP11) and the First Meeting of the 
Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (aka COP/MOP1) will take place in Montreal 
from November 28 to December 9.  This is the first international climate 
meeting since the Kyoto Protocol came into force on February 16.  At this 
meeting governments must show demonstrable progress in the implementation 
of the Protocol and initiate consideration of post-Kyoto commitments.
Representatives from over 180 countries will be attending the conference to 
discuss new measures to be taken in the fight against climate warming. The 
participation of public interest organizations and mobilization of the 
Canadian public on this issue is critical.
The attention of the world will be focused on this conference. Canadians 
will have a unique opportunity to promote the importance of sustained and 
inclusive action to deal with climate change, in Canada and globally.
For all the details, to influence the negotiations and steer the course of 
climate policy history, go to: www.kyoto-montreal.ca .
Learn more about: The COP11 Conference - What it is, what's at stake and 
who is going ;
Planning to Go? - Maps, directions, where to stay; The Kyoto Protocol - 
History and Status ; Climate Change Science and Impacts; Tools for Action 
and How to Get Involved  (Demonstrations around the globe Dec 3rd!) 
Questions?  Call the Climate Action Network Canada's toll-free line at 
1-866-373-2990 or email 
<mailto:info at climateactionnetwork.ca>info at climateactionnetwork.ca
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