[Sust-mar] MACKENZIE WILD brochures are here!

Paul A Falvo pfalvo at chebucto.ns.ca
Sun Oct 30 13:04:09 EST 2005

MACKENZIE WILD is the Sierra Club's campaign to protect the North from the
Mackenzie Gas Project (MGP). More than just a pipeline through pristine
wilderness, the MGP would cause socioeconomic harm to a vulnerable region. 

The MGP would move clean natural gas to the Alberta Tar Sands where,
according to the Sierra Club, they would increase Canada's GHG emissions
by 70 megatonnes by 2010, likely blowing our Kyoto commitments

The MGP would fuel "America's gas tank" for a year or two and change the
North forever.

To show your support by SIGNING the Mackenzie Wild Declaration
or for more information:   http://www.mackenziewild.ca

-or- RSVP and I will add your name. You can also sign a paper petition at
the Unitarian Church and other locations. 

Brochures are at the Grainery (Agricola St) and the Unitarian Church
(social action table). I will also try to leave some at the EAC and the
Grainery market stall and if they aren't already at the Halifax Sierra
Club office I'll make sure they are.

RSVP if you would like me to mail you one to read -- or more to hand out
-- or just hand one to you when I run into you.

Keep Canada's North pristine ... and keep Canada in Kyoto!
Sign on to the Mackenzie Wild Declaration 

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