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Position: Marine Outreach Coordinator (part-time)
Organization: Ecology Action Centre

Date posted to GoodWorkCanada.ca: Jul 25, 2006
Application deadline: Aug 2, 2006
Start date: Aug 21, 2006
Location: Halifax NS, Canada

The Ecology Action Centre (EAC) is Nova Scotia's largest 
and most active environmental organization. Since 1971, 
the EAC has been working to build a healthier, more 
sustainable Nova Scotia. Today we have over 800 
members, 250 volunteers and staff, and seven active teams 
and committees. The Centre's earliest projects included 
recycling, composting, and energy conservation, and these 
are now widely recognized environmental issues. Our 
current areas of focus include Marine Issues, Coastal 
Issues, Wilderness, Food Issues, Transportation, Energy, 
and Urban Issues.

Specifically, the Marine Issues Committee (MIC) works to 
promote marine conservation and sustainable ocean-based 
livelihoods in Nova Scotia. Currently, we are active in the 
following areas: sustainable fisheries, including gear types 
and sustainable seafood, impacts of oil and gas, integrated 
management and protecting Sable Island.

The Ecology Action Centre is looking for a Marine 
Outreach Coordinator. This position is part-time, 
15 hours/week starting in the last week of August and 
ending in November with possibility of extension 
depending on funding.

Salary: $15/hour


- support for marine coordinators
- responding to general marine enquiries (e.g., emails, 
up-dating marine financial database, organizing weekly 
'marine team' meetings)
- coordinating monthly Marine Issue Committee (MIC) 
- organizing Marine Summit (on-going from previous 
coordinator) for September
- organizing SAR/DOALOS report workshops
- support person for sustainable seafood launch in 
September and post-launch 'wrap-up'
- responsible for some membership and volunteer 
communication and interaction

It is possible that there will be other tasks which are not 
listed above but will come under the heading of 'support'.


- flexibility
- good research and organizational skills
- background in fisheries/marine science
- ability to work independently
- knowledge of local context
- equanimity

Please send a short cover letter and résumé to Beth Elias at 
seacuke at ecologyaction.ca by noon Wednesday August 2.


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Ecology Action Centre, Nova Scotia
Marine Issues -- Ecology Action Centre


Marine/Ocean http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_%28ocean%29
Marine Conservation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_conservation
Sustainable Fisheries http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overfishing
More http://www.ecologyaction.ca/marine_issues/mic_links.shtm


Nova Scotia Environmental Groups and Organizations
and across Canada http://www.planetfriendly.net/ecoportal.html

Halifax, Nova Scotia -- general information & links


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