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"GoodWork made me realize that I can work ethically, and that 
there is a whole community out there dedicated to the same."
       -- GoodWork Canada survey respondent

GoodWork Canada http://www.GoodWorkCanada.ca

Thank you to everyone who responded to the GoodWork Survey. 
Almost 1,400 of you took the time to share your thoughts and 
experiences with us. Here are some highlights from both surveys,
from GoodWork readers, employers and job seekers.
       -- Peter Blanchard, www.GoodWorkCanada.ca


(1) About GoodWork and the Surveys
(2) Reader Survey Highlights & Quotes
(3) Employer Survey Highlights & Quotes
(4) Sustaining & Improving GoodWork
(5) Supporting GoodWork

(1) ABOUT GOODWORK and the Survey

GoodWork is Canada's gateway to employment and participation
in environment, peace, sustainable living and related themes. 
It can be found on the web at www.GoodWorkCanada.ca 

GoodWork is best known for its listings of jobs, contracts, 
internships and other opportunities, from across Canada and 
beyond. Postings are published on the web and by e-mail. 

GoodWork also provides a unique collection of links, resources, 
gateways and guides for anyone who wishes to explore the 


Two detailed surveys were sent out in early 2006. Over 
1,200 people responded to the Reader Survey, while over 
180 employers responded to the Employer Survey.


All GoodWork readers and subscribers were invited to participate 
in the Reader Survey, in April and May 2006. Over 1,200 people 
responded. Here are some highlights, grouped by theme:


* GoodWork ranked #1 in respondents' evaluation of job 
websites, e-mail lists, media or other job search methods. 

* Most of you are using GoodWork for more than one 
reason: you're seeking paid employment... but you'd also 
consider volunteer, board roles or internships... you're 
also finding useful ideas, information, networking and 
inspiration in GoodWork postings. 

* The majority of those who responded (86%) say they 
read GoodWork postings at least once a week, including 
34% who read them daily.

* Hundreds of you have been hired for jobs or contracts 
through GoodWork. Those of you who have not yet found 
the work you're seeking have been making good use of 
the job search tips, resources, links and listings at 

* When asked, "How important is GoodWork to you in 
other ways, not related to your job search?", 80% of 
you said it was at least "somewhat important", including
30% who chose "important" and 15% who chose "very 
important". People explained that they find GoodWork
to be a source of ideas, information, connections,
networking, community, inspiration and hope. 

* Most of you (63%) _are_ making use of the links and 
resources that come with many GoodWork postings. 
You're using them for information, inspiration, networking 
and the "hidden job search".  The many resources at 
GoodWorkCanada.ca are also being used. A much smaller 
percentage chose "no" (6%) or "I didn't notice they were 
there" (16%). (The GoodWork special edition, "The Hidden 
Eco-Job Market", dealt with this topic in more detail.) 


* Your interests are diverse and cover all GoodWork 
themes: environment, sustainability, peace, organics, 
energy, global issues, and related themes. 

* When asked "How important is it for you to find work 
related to GoodWork themes?", most of you answered 
"Very important -- I very much want to do this kind of 
work" (48%); followed by "Critical - I will only accept 
work that is related to these interests" (18%); and 
"Somewhat important -- there are many other things that 
interest me too" (17%). Only 0.6% of you answered 
"Not important -- I just want to find a job". 

* When asked "What is the most pressing reason that you 
are looking for work?", the most common choice was 
"I'm looking for more meaningful or important work" 
(28%); followed by "I'm looking for work more related to 
my interests" (21%); and "I need the money - I am or soon 
will be unemployed (or out of school)" (19%); and a variety 
of other less common answers. 

* When asked "Why are you interested in work related to 
environment, peace or sustainability?" most of you (61%) 
chose "I want to help create a more sustainable/peaceful 
world", followed by a variety of other answers.


* Some of you are actively looking for work (41%), while 
others are just keeping an eye out for the right opportunity 
(35%), or preparing for a future job search (12%).

* The type of work you are seeking covers the full range of 
options -- from  project coordination, to organic gardening, 
to activism, to writing and creative work, to scientific roles, 
to small business, to senior management and more.

* When asked "Where would you seriously consider accepting 
work?", 20% of you answered "anywhere in the world"; 
15% "anywhere in Canada"; 6% "anywhere in my province"; 
18% "only in my part of the province"; 16% "only in my 
city or town".

* Many of you (at least 57%) are already participating in 
groups, organizations or companies related to GoodWork 
themes. Your roles include member, volunteer, employee, 
board member, manager, entrepreneur, contractor, intern, 
donor, investor and shareholder. 


* Most GoodWork readers live in Canada (81% of respondents) 
with the remainder living in many countries around the world. 
You live in all ten Canadian provinces and at least two of its 
territories (there were no respondents from the Northwest 

* Most but not all of you have some degree of post secondary 
education. (Bachelors 46%; Masters 24%; College or technical 
Diploma 12%; Post-baccalaureate diploma 5%; Doctorate 3%; 
High School 3%; Other 1%).

* Your field of study varied greatly. (The largest single 
grouping of respondents, 34%, report having studied in 
a field related to environment.)

* Some of you have lots of experience, while others are 
just starting out: 26% have five or more years of related 
experience; 28% have one to four years; 20% have relevant 
education or training but little related work experience. 
Yet others reported no related education or experience, 
or did not answer this question.


"GoodWork made me realize that I can work ethically, 
and that there is a whole community out there dedicated 
to the same."

"GoodWork gives a global perspective to my field and 
related fields of work and lifestyle. Connects me to my 
community and larger community." 

"I am continually given hope and have more than once 
forwarded the postings to friends that have responded to 
them with success, and I have kept many postings in my 
inbox just for contacts for the future."

"GoodWork has inspired me to keep looking for a 
worthy organization doing socially and environmentally 
good work." 

"GoodWork is a key component of my attempt at an 
enlightened society/life."

"GoodWork has really had a positive 'snowball' effect 
on my life, and I feel now that this momentum has begun 
I am almost unstoppable!"

"Good things going on in this crazed world of ours."

"Great connections and ideas."


Over 180 employers responded to the GoodWork Employer 
Survey, in February 2006. This represents approximately 
25% of the 700 employers who were invited, almost all of 
whom have posted opportunities with GoodWorkCanada.ca. 

* Number of opportunities posted to GoodWork, from 
March 2001 to Feb 2006, inclusive: 2,001 -- including 
667 postings in 2005 alone.

* Approximately 70% of GoodWork postings are paid employment 
or contracts. The rest include internships (paid, unpaid, barter 
or stipend) plus a variety of other opportunities.

* A majority of employers (64%) say that they've posted 
with GoodWork "more than once", including 22% who 
chose "every time we have an opening". A majority also say 
they'll post with GoodWork again in the next few months. 
The largest grouping of those who said they would *not* post 
again soon cited infrequent openings, rather than any lack 
of satisfaction with the service. 

* When asked "What did you like about posting with GoodWork, 
or the results of the posting?", the most popular answer (35%) 
was "targeted / appropriate applicants", followed by "excellent 
quantity of responses" (26%); "easy and convenient to post" 
(13%); "high calibre of applicants" (12%); "diverse skills and 
background of applicants" (8%); "affordable/pwyc/by donation" 
(8%); and "fast distribution" (4%).

* When asked, "Have your posting(s) with GoodWork brought 
in applications from qualified, motivated, suitable candidates?", 
63% answered "Yes" or "Very much so"; 15% answered 
"Somewhat"; and 4% "Not at all". 

* Other benefits: "Were there any other results, successes, or 
unexpected benefits from posting with GoodWork?" Answers: 
"Increased awareness of our project or organization" (30%); 
"Several or all of these benefits" (13%); 
"Increased participation or volunteering" (7%); 
"Valuable contacts, collaborations or spin-offs" (6%); 
"Useful ideas, information or feedback" (3%);
"Increased membership, sales, donations or funding (1%);
"Don't know" or no answer (32%). 
A remaining 8% reported no known benefits.

* "Do you feel that GoodWork is a good place to post 
senior-level openings such as executive directors, managers, 
senior campaigners, specialists, skilled consultants?" 
Yes: 35%; Very much so: 18%; Don't know: 32%; 
No: 9%; No answer: 6%. 

* "Do you feel that finding excellent staff, management, or 
other help is a key success factor for your organization?" 
Three quarters of employers chose "Very much so" (75%), 
followed by "Yes" (17%) and "Somewhat" (1%). Only 
1% chose "Not at all". (A remaining 6% chose "don't know"
or did not answer this question).

* "Do you feel that networks, portals and shared infrastructure 
-- such as GoodWork -- are essential to the success of the 
environmental, peace or sustainability movement?" 
57% chose "Very much so"; an additional 25% chose "Yes"; 
only 8% chose "Somewhat"; 1% chose "No". 


* "We post all of our positions with GoodWork."

* "The service is amazing.  Sometimes we need to fill in a 
position fairly quickly and sometimes, the turnaround with 
GoodWork from the time of the posting to when the person 
gets hired is less than one week."

* "Good Work -- like all of the People and Planet enterprises -- 
makes an invaluable contribution to the ability of socially 
and environmentally concerned individuals and organizations 
to find each other. ... It reaches into all the networks that 
we want to connect with ... helping us to save time and money 
in our outreach efforts."

* "We have had much success with the candidates that have 
applied to our postings on your website. We have posted on 
numerous websites and feel that the response we receive from 
GoodWork is more targeted. The service is fast and efficient."

* "I'm very impressed by the additional information and links 
that GoodWork provides. It's a true and valuable resource."

* I post [events] to People & Planet whenever I hold an 
event, and so far the turnout has been spectacular. I have 
asked some people how they found out and they respond 
"People & Planet". 


The surveys also solicited a variety of comments on the importance 
of sustaining and improving GoodWork, People & Planet. To do 
this, we need your support -- please see below. 


GoodWork is a user-supported project, depending on contributions 
from both readers and employers. Managing GoodWork is a 
full-time effort. If you want to see it continue and thrive, 
we need your support!

Please consider making a monthly or annual contribution: 

...or consider another way to help:

For a healthier, more sustainable world, 

       - Peter Blanchard,
         Founder & Coordinator,
         GoodWork, People & Planet

GoodWork Canada 
People & Planet 

Post a Job, Internship or Other Opportunity:

Disclaimer: This document is provided free-of-charge for your 
interest. It is not intended to be a complete analysis, nor is it 
guaranteed to be completely accurate -- although we have done 
our best to ensure that it accurately represents the data. Any 
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