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*Moratorium on New Tar Sands Development Sought***

*Edmonton*. The Government of Alberta should impose a moratorium on new 
tar sands projects development in the Athabasca region given growing 
concern about the health, social and environmental impacts of rapid tar 
sands expansion, says Sierra Club of Canada.

* *

*“The Tar Sands produces the world’s dirtiest type of oil,” says 
*Elizabeth May, Executive Director of Sierra Club of Canada, “Now there 
is evidence that, next to nuclear energy, it may very well be the 
world’s most lethal type. We think that a time out is in order while 
provincial consultations on an Oil Sands Strategy proceed and until a 
full investigation of the health effects of tar sands development is 

* *

*“Recent reports of elevated rates of cancer and other diseases in the 
northern Alberta community of Fort Chipewyan—which is downstream and 
downwind from the tar sands--should raise alarm bells about the feverish 
pace of tar sands development in the region,” says *Lindsay Telfer, 
Director of Sierra Club of Canada’s Prairie Chapter. “Unfortunately, 
this may be the first of many communities to experience ill effects of 
an industry that has not been held accountable for air and water 
pollution and greenhouse gas emissions it produces, in addition to the 
boreal forests, rivers and wetlands it destroys.

* *

*“As the *Athabasca River becomes increasingly surrounded by tar sands 
developments, those living downstream become increasingly threatened. 
This includes communities in northern Saskatchewan as well as the North 
West Territories who receive contaminated air and water from rapidly 
expanding Tar Sands operations,” stated Telfer.

* *

*This news comes at a time when the Government of Alberta is preparing 
to launch consultations on the development of the Tar Sands region. 
“This case points to the clear need to engage communities’ potentially 
impacted by Tar Sands industrial developments in the pending 
consultations,” says May, “including those downstream and down wind from 

* *

*Sierra Club of Canada fully endorses the requests for a full 
investigation into the downstream health impacts of Tar Sands 
developments and encourages Health *Canada to do the same for 
communities in Saskatchewan and the North West Territories. 
Investigations should include full disclosure of results.


For more information contact:

Elizabeth May: Executive Director - Sierra Club of Canada

Ottawa - 613.241.4611**

Lindsay Telfer: Director, Sierra Club of Canada – Prairie Chapter

Edmonton - 780.439.1160


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