[Sust-mar] Yurt Building Workshop 07-Get into the Round

Clare Levin clevin at eastlink.ca
Fri Nov 24 08:32:03 EST 2006

Involved in any exciting projects this winter? Don't miss this opportunity
to learn how to build your own yurt - a low impact shelter originating from
Central Asia. Building a shelter is an empowering and creative experience,
with lots of hands-on learning.  

This workshop will provide a thorough introduction to yurts, and the basics
of yurt construction including: coppice as a timber crop, Acadian forest
species, making a greenwood working station, using a drawknife, froe and
other hand tools, planning and designing your walls, roof, and wheel, and
erecting a yurt. We will consider practical issues unique to yurt living,
such as heating and insulation. Open to all skill levels. 

What: Join Little Foot Yurts for a hands on yurt building workshop housed in
a woodland yurt paradise. Leave with the practical skills and resources to
build your own yurt. 

When: Friday January 12th- Sunday January 14th, 2007 

Registration:  Full agenda and registration form is posted on
http://www.lfy.ca/pages/workshops.html . Numbers are limited so please
register as soon as possible.

Alex & Selene Cole
Little Foot Yurts
website: www.lfy.ca 
email: info at lfy.ca
phone: (902) 233-3318

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