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Waste Reduction Week 2006


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink for a week in October and your family
could WIN! Prizes include a stay at the eco-friendly and cozy Oceanstone
Inn and Cottages, waste-saving Tupperware and natural, non-toxic Down
East products. 


Step One: Register on-line at www.clean.ns.ca/jbf (YOU MUST REGISTER BY

Step Two: Read through the information provided on the site for ideas on
how to begin.  

Step Three: Reduce your solid waste, water and energy for one week in
October and keep track of all your waste reduction activities.



The whole household turned the water off while brushing their teeth.

I walked to the grocery store with my roommate instead of taking my car
and we used reusable bags to carry our groceries.  

My daughter turned off her computer when it was not in use and we all
kept the lights out in rooms that were not occupied.  

I installed compact florescent light bulbs in my home and insulated my
electrical fixtures for the winter.

I used baking soda and vinegar to clean my bathtub and counter tops.

We avoided buying products with excessive packaging and in the end we
had less than half of a bag of garbage for the week.


Step Four: Report your efforts to Clean Nova Scotia by November 10th, on
line at www.clean.ns.ca/jbf.

Creative pieces are welcome and can be mailed to Clean Nova Scotia, 126
Portland Street, Dartmouth NS B2Y 1H8


Winners of the Just Between Families contest will be announced on
November 22, 2006.


Presenting Sponsor of Waste Reduction Week in Nova Scotia: Wal-Mart

Just Between Families Event Sponsor: Tim Hortons




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