[Sust-mar] Halifax Solar and Wind Generators Workshop

Andy O'Brien solarhomes at ecologyaction.ca
Tue Oct 31 06:12:15 EST 2006

> I notice that the Nova Scotia Community College is offering two courses 
> that may be of interest. Here's some info off their web page - for more 
> info, click on the link or call NSCC. 
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 11/18/2006: Solar and Wind Generators Workshop 
> This solar and wind generators workshop is a study of the fundamentals of 
> alternative sources of electricity for those who have an electrical 
> background. The workshop will provide you with an overview of the history, 
> theory and installation components. 
> http://www.nscc.ns.ca/Learning_Programs/part-time/metro/qry_courseid.asp?CourseID=543 
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 11/8/2006: Home Energy Conservation 
> This home energy conservation seminar focuses on de-mystifying building 
> science by demonstrating simple, cost effective tools, techniques and 
> materials that will reduce home energy costs. This hands-on, interactive 
> forum will empower participants to tackle retrofits for the upcoming 
> heating season. Participants will learn to prioritize their needs and avoid 
> retrofits that are complicated, expensive and ineffective. This is an 
> opportunity for participants to engage in their own energy security program 
> in the face of ever increasing energy costs.
> * common retrofit pitfalls * upgrades with the quickest payback * dealing 
> with the trades and contractors * accessing current government grant 
> programs 
> http://www.nscc.ns.ca/Learning_Programs/part-time/metro/qry_courseid.asp?CourseID=722

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