[Sust-mar] September Harvest Festival - Sunday Sept 10

Peter Watson pwatson at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed Sep 6 23:41:00 EDT 2006

On September 10th, 2006, the Ecology Action Centre's Food Action 
Committee will be holding their Second Annual September Harvest Festival 
in Victoria Park (Spring Garden Rd.) in downtown Halifax. This event 
will be free to the public in an effort to promote and celebrate locally 
grown food in a festive environment.

The goal of the event is to foster connections between food producers 
and those that purchase their products. A variety of farmers and food 
enthusiasts will be on hand with an array of delicious foods produced in 
Nova Scotia. People will have the opportunity to interact with producers 
in an informal and celebratory setting, ask questions, as well as to 
sample and purchase available products. This highly anticipated, 
festival-style event will include live music, theatre, guest speakers, 
games and food sampling. To continue the theme of sustainable living, 
there will be presentations of renewable energy sources on site. This 
event is sure to whet the appetite of passers-by and leave them better 
informed about the value of local food, and their ability to shape 
current agriculture practices through their purchasing decisions/. /

The festival will feature such local talents as Verbal Warning, El 
Viento Flamenco, Zuppa Circus, The Dirty Poets, Tyler Messick & The 
Museum Pieces, The Wilderbeats, David Myles, Eric Fresia & the 
Offsprings, Old Man Luedecke and the Just Barelys.

If you are interested in hearing more details or volunteering at the 
event, please contact Janna at harvest* or (902) 442-5051. 

Janna Graham (Festival Co-ordinator)
Ecology Action Centre- Food Action Committee
2705 Fern Lane
Halifax, Nova Scotia
P: (902) 442-5051


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