[Sust-mar] Take action on climate change -- feds set to release "climate plan"

Paul Falvo pfalvo at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Sep 29 09:17:41 EDT 2006

--- Forwarded from Jeca Glor-Bell ---

Unfortunately it will likely do very little to actually combat human induced
global climate change.

If we want a future we must ACT!

How can you help?

Contact itstimetoriseup at gmail.com and let Mike know you are interested. We
can provide you with resources and if we know about what you are doing we
can link it to events across the country and ensure that our voice is heard.
Some things you could do:

Organize a funeral. (We have resources to help, and sample scripts).
Deliver flowers. Get a few folks together for a local flower delivery. (On
the day of action just dress in black, get some locally grown flowers and
deliver them to your local MP(s). When you give them the flowers, say a
little eulogy.
Send in your condolences - send MPs pictures of the things that we are
losing because they failed to act on climate change by fax or email.
Put ads in your local papers about the death of our climate/future etc.
Donate funds to the Calgary group so they can deliver all kinds of bouquets
to the Prime Minister at his home riding.

We don't know when the plan will be released (likely next week) so we need
to act fast once we do so prepare now and please let us know.

If you have any questions or need some help email itstimetoriseup at gmail.com
or phone 415 828 4473

If you want more information about the coalition go to www.ourclimate.ca or

Things are already being organized in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Whitehorse
and Lethbridge.

Who we are…
The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition is a united front of youth from across
Canada tackling the biggest challenge of our generation, the emerging
climate crisis. In the absence of significant action by industry and
government, we will make climate destabilization a priority that all
Canadians need to address. Acting locally, provincially, federally, and
internationally, we combine our forces to organize actions, influence
government and implement concrete solutions. Working in schools and
communities from coast to coast to coast, we are calling for and building a
just and prosperous transition to the new Canada we all need to see.
What we want in a plan...

The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition retains hope that the
soon-to-be-released Federal Green Plan will include
• Deep emission reductions that meet and exceed our international
obligations, and the implementation of renewable energy strategies
• The elimination of fossil fuel subsidies
• A comprehensive adaptation strategy for those communities already affected
by climate change that incorporates and acknowledges the requirements of
Indigenous communities
• Reformations to our curriculum to properly educate youth from kindergarten
to post-secondary on the impacts of, and solutions to, climate change
• Official positions for youth in directing Canada's climate change policies

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't
have any.
--Alice Walker

Jeca Glor-Bell
Sierra Club of Canada Board of Directors/Sierra Youth Coalition
cell: (416) 822-1216
Skype name: jecaglorbell
jeca.glorbell at gmail.com

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