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Please forward this email on to anyone you know who might be interested.

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- Mar 30, 2007, Halifax RM, Nova Scotia

We are making good progress in developing a new carsharing business to 
serve individuals, families and businesses of all sizes.   We're 
working to launch the service this Fall.  We'll announce details - the 
company name, probable car locations, rates and terms of membership - 
within a couple of months.  For more on what carsharing is and how it 
works and for links to other carshares in North America you can check 
out, go to  www.carsharing.net

Do you want to hear more about our carshare as we get closer?     
Simply Reply  to this message and Send,  and I'll add you to our 
CarShareHfx email Newsletter list.   I'll send you no more than one 
email a month.

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Help us decide where the cars will be located.  The postal code(s) for 
your street address(es) will let us map home and business locations in 
order to provide the best service. Answering the rest would be useful 
to us, but is optional.

Postal Code(s):

I'm interested in  [     ] personal memberships            [      ]  
membership for my organization (Business Membership)

Your street address:
Part of Town:                                    (i.e., West End, 
Downtown, ...)
Phone numbers:                             (if you'll take a call from 
Age(s) of Drivers:                            (likely the insurers will 
set a minimum age of 25 with a good driving record)
Your Name(s):

[     ]   I  intend to join the carshare as soon as I can.
[     ]   I'll quite likely join if there are cars in my neighbourhood
[     ]   I'm thinking positively about joining
[     ]   I might or might not give it a try
[     ]   I'm just curious


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Thanks for your interest and help,

Peter Zimmer
Halifax & Nova Scotia's  Carshare Evangelist
6133 Willow St
Halifax, NS   B3K 1M1

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