[Sust-mar] Guatemala Internships: Human Rights/Indigenous Ed., Youth/Water/Agric./Fair Trade/Gender

Kathryn Anderson kand at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Apr 2 14:44:50 EDT 2007

***Apologies to those of you who have received this announcement previously. We are trying to develop a new listserve regarding our Internship Program. 

Please note that all of our positions are with Mayan indigenous organizations. We encourage aboriginal applicants.

Organization: Tatamagouche Centre / Guatemala Breaking the Silence Solidarity Network http://www.tatacentre.ca

Location: Guatemala and Canada (Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia)

Application deadline: May 6, 2007

Start date: September 22, 2007

Tatamagouche Centre's Breaking the Silence Program is pleased to announce its 2007-08 Internship Program inGuatemala, funded by CIDA. The Internships are:

1. Gender & Community Development Adviser, Community Legal Aid Clinic, Rabinal, Guatemala

2. Human Rights Adviser, Community Legal Aid Clinic, Rabinal, Guatemala

3. Indigenous Education/Curriculm Adviser New Hope Foundation, Rabinal, Guatemala

4. Organic Agriculture/Perma-culture Adviser

5. Fair Trade Coffee Adviser

6. HIV/AIDS & Gang Violence Youth Educator

7. Water Management and Sanitation Consultant

The information/application package is posted on the Tatamagouche Centre Website. http://www.tatacentre.ca .Click Guatemala Partnerships.

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