[Sust-mar] New On-line Atlas

James Sullivan sullivan at web.net
Thu Dec 6 13:52:12 EST 2007

NEW on the 2C1Forest Website
The Northern Appalachian/Acadian Ecoregion Conservation Planning Atlas!


The Atlas is an online interactive mapping tool. Using your web browser you
can explore extensive maps and data of the Northern Appalachian/ Acadian
ecoregion.  The Atlas contains maps of more than 30 new environmental
datasets and base layers including, roads, rail, rivers and lakes that are
designed to assist land managers and conservation practitioners with
conservation and land use planning.

The Atlas makes it easy for anyone to navigate around the ecoregion, zoom
in, create customized maps and explore data.  

The Atlas allows user to:
- Create customized maps 
- Add customized features and text to maps to create "My Map" 
- Save "My Map" so it can be loaded later to get you right back to what you
were working 
- Print maps in formats including PDF and JPEG 
- Link to reports and publications 
- Add datasets from other online atlases to augment the on-line atlas. 
- And much more.

For experienced GIS users we have added a Data Warehouse where GIS data
layers for download and for those with less time we have created the Map
Gallery where pre-made maps can be downloaded.

Two Counties, One Forest will be taking the Atlas on the road in early 2008,
delivering workshops around the region. To sign up for a Workshop or find
out more about the Atlas email: atlas at 2c1forest.org 

This is a beta version of the Atlas and as a result it is currently only
available in English.  Once the Atlas has been finalized we will be
translating it into French.

The development of the Atlas has been coordinated by the Wildlife
Conservation Society Canada.

The following organizations have contributed maps and data to the Atlas:
            Nature Conservancy Canada
            The Nature Conservancy
            Wildlands Project 
            Wildlife Conservation Society Canada
            Two Countries, One Forest

For their financial support we thank:
            GeoConnections Canada
            Henry P. Kendall Foundation
            Reverie Foundation

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