[Sust-mar] Proposed Gold mine Affecting the Eastern Shore - make a call before Christmas Eve

Lyse Boyce lyse at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Dec 21 14:26:15 EST 2007

Hi Sust-Mar,

As you've most likely heard - a proposal for a gold mine in one of the few 
remaining wild areas of our little province is being rushed through during 
the busy holiday season. See the information below put out by the Eastern 
Shore Forest Watch and consider letting the premier know what you think 
Santa Claus is coming and he knows Whos been NAUGHTY??? DDV GOLD, the 
Australian company that wants to set up an open pit gold mine at Moose 

DDV filed the required Focus Report on their project with the Department 
of Environment in late November, and guess when the deadline is for public 
response? December 24th! Thats right, Christmas Eve! Is this timing 
accidental? You think??.

The report is 1100 pages, including appendices. So they are telling us 
that if we want to participate we will have to put Christmas preparations 
aside, and respond to their report? HMMMMM. That's NAUGHTY!

Whos NICE??? YOU ARE! We know how busy you are this time of year, but we 
need your help to give the Eastern Shore and Musquodoboit Valley a 
Christmas present of a clean, green future:

Please take 2 minutes right now to phone Premier Rodney MacDonald at: 
902-424-6600 or 1-800-267-1993 (toll free). You can call any time of day 
or night and leave a message. Or email: Premier at gov.ns.ca and copy to: 
EA at gov.ns.ca Please tell the Premier that you dont want a gold mine at 
Moose River on the Eastern Shore because:

1. There remains a high risk of toxic arsenic, cyanide, and mercury 
contaminating groundwater and the Fish River system down to Lake 
Charlotte. uranium, too.

2. Cyanide, tons of it, wrapped in plastic, inside wooden boxes would be 
trucked along Highway 224 several times monthly through Middle 
Musquodoboit, in all weathers for up to 7 years, risking environmental 
catastrophe with just a single truck spill.

3. If the mine goes ahead, we will be living with a 15 storey mountain (20 
million tons) of discarded rock, and a huge (250 acres) toxic mine 
tailings dump. Forever.

4. Gold mining is a boom-and-bust industry with no lasting benefits for 
our communities.

5. Short-term hazardous jobs are no answer for our long-term economic 

6. A dozen endangered species are threatened by the toxicity associated 
with gold mining.

7. Your property value will likely drop if it is near a heavy industry 
zone or toxic waste site.

8. Children camping at Camp Kidston, 3 km from Moose River, would have 
their wilderness experience spoiled by the noise and light of a gold mine 
operating 24/7. Same goes for everyone fishing, canoeing, hunting in the 
wilderness in and around Scraggy Lake.

Reference notes for these points and others can be found at 

The Focus Report is available at: 

Santa thanks you, and so does Eastern Shore Forest Watch. Merry Christmas!

For more information, and more about what you can do check out: 

This information is sent to householders from Eastern Shore Forest Watch 
email: forestwatches at yahoo.ca phone: 889-2629.

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